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Restricted list on FB

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Lonoxo Fri 12-Feb-16 17:36:22

If somebody puts me on their restricted list on FB, I think that means I can only see posts which are set to public or that I'm tagged in. I think it also means if I look on my page, in the friends section, if there's a message on that friends photo saying "1 new post", if I click on it and it takes me to their timeline but I can't see any new posts, that I don't have access to the new post.

If that person has full access to my profile, does it mean that person can see all my posts or have I ve been blocked or deproritised?

sykadelic Sat 27-Feb-16 20:17:45

You are correct on most stuff. If I restrict you:
- you won't show up in my feed
- you only see public posts of posts I tag you in
- I'm not sure you would see that they've got "1 new post" because you should have been restricted from that knowledge
- that restriction doesn't affect what I can see of YOUR posts. I can still see whatever someone in my category is allowed to see (depends on your own settings).

If you would like to test what she can see of your own stuff, go to your profile and on the bottom right of your cover photo there are 3 dots. Click that and you can see the option to "view as". It will take you to how the public see your profile. You can see a black bar under the FB bar at the top that says "this is what your timeline looks like to..." and "view as specific person".

Click on "view as specific person" and you can type the name of anyone on your friends list to see what they see. You can click on anything below the black bar (of your own stuff that is) and it should take you to that section to show you what people can see. If you click anything above the black bar (on the FB bar) then it will take you out of the "view as" thing

I regularly use this to test my security settings. I forget whether you can change there there, or whether I have another tab open in normal mode to change the security of things... mine's pretty locked down

ANiceSliceOfCake Sat 27-Feb-16 20:21:38

Just marking my spot here so I don't loose this, as I'm about to restrict someone.


Lonoxo Sat 05-Mar-16 16:51:34

Thanks Sykadelic, that's useful to know.
I still see the '1 new post' notification even though I have been restricted. That's how I worked out I was on the restricted list - I couldn't see the new posts, and I looked at the status of the other posts on the timeline and they were all set to public.
Another thing I have just discovered is on the About section, as I am restricted I can't request any information on hometown, current city etc as those fields are greyed out.

MinervaMcG Sun 01-May-16 15:12:27

Does anyone know whether putting someone on the restricted list means they can't see your likes and comments on public pages? (on the PC, the little box on the far right, which shows what things people are liking and commenting on)

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