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I have deactivated my account. If I do nothing for two weeks will it then disappear

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Goingtobeawesome Sun 03-Jan-16 11:32:55

Or do I have to go back on and delete it?

12purpleapples Sun 03-Jan-16 11:35:23

It will sit there, and if you log in again it will reactivate.

OutToGetYou Sun 03-Jan-16 11:48:47

You have to totally delete it.

Goingtobeawesome Sun 03-Jan-16 11:49:05

Ok. I need to delete it then I think. Thank you.

GingerFoxInAT0phat Sun 03-Jan-16 11:53:14

I didn't think you could delete?

Goingtobeawesome Sun 03-Jan-16 11:57:50

I have. They don't make it easy for you and if I go on in the next two weeks it will come back so I guess it sits there for two weeks then goes.

OutToGetYou Mon 04-Jan-16 22:44:38

You can delete but the stuff will always be in the history files and on Facebook's servers. If you use a website called "the way back machine" you can find old Web pages you assumed were deleted.

Goingtobeawesome Tue 05-Jan-16 10:06:05

I just want there to be no way for anyone to contact me via Facebook. There not much on it so that doesn't matter.

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