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Rollypoly100 Tue 24-Nov-15 09:18:55

I'm on facebook, hardly really use it and don't look at it every day but I've just joined my local community facebook page. I don't want all my neighbours trawling through my friends list and photos so how do I make it private so only my friends can see what I post and my photos but my community facebook only sees as little as possible. Hope someone understands what I'm trying to say - I am pretty clueless about Facebook (and have been thinking of getting rid of it).

TheFormidableMrsC Tue 24-Nov-15 09:23:14

You need to go into settings (little padlock icon to the right of the page near the top)...I don't know how it works on a phone, I only FB on laptop. Via that you can change your privacy, limit past posts, decide who can see your stuff. You can also block and stop people tagging you in photos or sharing things to your timeline without you being given the opportunity to check them first. Also via settings you can do "view as" and it will show you what people can see on your timeline if they're not your friends ie : general public.

I hope that helps!

MumOfTheMoment Tue 24-Nov-15 09:33:21

The other people in your community group will only see what you post on your community page, not all your photos etc.

TheFormidableMrsC Tue 24-Nov-15 09:52:37

Yes but they can still click on your profile and see your page. If your page hasn't got high security settings, they will be able to see anything that you have posted as "public"...

Rollypoly100 Tue 24-Nov-15 10:04:16

Thanks all for your help. I will hopefully figure it out when I'm back on the computer tonight. Don't do FB on my mobile.

TheFormidableMrsC Tue 24-Nov-15 10:43:45

Rolly, me neither, fat fingers, far too much scope for mistakes! grin

Rollypoly100 Mon 30-Nov-15 09:20:00

Thanks so much for all your help, I've got it sorted now (and sorted my vast collection of cat photos into some sort of order!)

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