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following on from another thread (sorry), Things you wish you could scream at FACEBOOK!!!...

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ssd Wed 17-Sep-14 21:46:26

I'll start

can you get a fuckin life and stop posting pictures of every fuckin thing you eat, this is only possible as you are too lazy to work and sit in the kitchen all day

and dont tell me your tired, you do fuck all all day

<and breathes>

DishwasherDogs Wed 17-Sep-14 21:48:38


BiscuitMillionaire Wed 17-Sep-14 21:49:51

Ha Dishwasher - see my post about 10 mins ago in the 'Circle of hell' thread.

CorporateRockWhore Wed 17-Sep-14 21:51:03

Yes, my daughter is very beautiful, and I do love her; just because I don't share your shitty grainy image complete with wanky poem, doesn't mean I don't.

annabanana19 Wed 17-Sep-14 21:51:25

Bad spelling!

ssd Wed 17-Sep-14 21:53:14

oh dont start me on the wanky poems angry

whats with all the lovey shite your posting lately? no one is fooled

and all the strong women shite, it wasnt strong when you were sleeping with your married boss

CorporateRockWhore Wed 17-Sep-14 21:54:54

My job is social media; I have to wade through buckets, acres, screeds of banal wanky poems every. single. day.

VodkaJelly Wed 17-Sep-14 22:01:17

When everyone was posting pics of a lit candle in memory of the First World War a couple of months ago, well, one attention seeker was bleating on about not being able to light a candle as she was scared of the dark, really wanted to light one, and on and on it went.

One bellend that she is friends with on facebook actually put "Dont worry about it, you did you best as did they"

He was actually comparing young men going to war and probably being killed in action with some attention seeking nobber who was scared of the dark.

I had to walk away from the keyboard before i told said bellend what a prick he is.

misstiredbuthappy Wed 17-Sep-14 22:03:59

Stop showing of by telling everyone where your are shopping, where you are having dinner, that your at the airport, that your in a bar ...... Nobody gives a shit.

And while we are at it do fuck off with a million selfies a day of you pouting you look stupid and nothing like a model...angry

ssd Wed 17-Sep-14 22:06:45

aaarrrggghhhh selfies angry


OooOooTheMonkey Wed 17-Sep-14 22:07:20

Stop sharing fucking timehop posts. No one thought your status update was interesting the first time, we don't need to fucking read it again!!!!! angry

OooOooTheMonkey Wed 17-Sep-14 22:08:49

Oh and stop writing cryptic Facebook statuses. Eg "Can't believe how nasty people can be" if you've got something to say, just fucking say it! Attention whores. hmmg

IndiansInTheLobby Wed 17-Sep-14 22:09:56

Those fucking photo booths at all events. You are not wacky because you have a fake moustache and wig on. Especially the really cheap home made efforts where they hold a cut out frame over their heads.

rockinghorseShit Wed 17-Sep-14 22:12:24

i fell out with a friend who shared a video of child abuse to supposedly highlight how awful child abuse is,..,........ wtf??
also hate all the wanky poems and cryptic statuses.

am too nosey to leave though!grin

LumpenproletariatAndProud Wed 17-Sep-14 22:15:39


There was a totally BS rumour that my friend posted. I knew it was hoax so showed her the SNOPES link. She ignored it. Her friend then said 'its happening in South Africa too'. To which she replied (despite my hoax and snope post) ' thats terrible!'

I couldn't help but say 'yes. Those rumours really spread dont they?'

How thick are some people?

Greyhound Wed 17-Sep-14 22:16:30

Stop posting soppy pictures of you wrapped around your "gorgeous hubby". I know v v well that he served you with divorce papers six months ago after your little fling with your best friend's husband. He only got back with you for the sake of the kids.

Bigoted guy I knew years back - stop posting homophobic messages implying that "gay paedophiles" are out to get your children. It's awful and offensive as is your use of the terms "homo" and "sodomite".

Irony is that Mr Bigot is well known for his fondness for meeting young gents down at the Boyz Sauna whenever his wife is out of town

Greyhound Wed 17-Sep-14 22:17:51

Indians - I hate those stupid photo booths as well with their stupid moustaches and Afro wigs.

ColdTeaAgain Wed 17-Sep-14 22:19:01

Those "feeling sad sad" type statuses. Followed by "what's up hun? You ok hun?" Etc etc


OooOooTheMonkey Wed 17-Sep-14 22:19:12

Yes to snopes. My friends mum (ex friend actually they're from a whole family of twats, that's another thread) shared about the dogs and ice cubes in the summer. I commented it was not true, she said "I was just trying to make people aware". Aware?! Aware of what you fucking idiot?! It's not even true! Gargh. confusedhmm

MrsCurrent Wed 17-Sep-14 22:19:32

Stop fucking sharing 'Britain first' statuses and pictures you simple minded morons.

rockinghorseShit Wed 17-Sep-14 22:19:38

oh god yes, the hoax things like entering you PIN in reverse and a woman with a car seat asking for help etc etc. I have to sit on my hands or I will fall out with everyone!

Poppyforremembrance Wed 17-Sep-14 22:20:08

3 Fridays,3 Saturdays,3 Sundays- it won't bring you luck- it happens every 11 years.......every bloody month I get these

MrsCurrent Wed 17-Sep-14 22:20:34

ColdTea followed by 'inbox ya hun'!

Bakersbum Wed 17-Sep-14 22:22:00

Instead of taking pictures of your life every 5 minutes, just live it.

ColdTeaAgain Wed 17-Sep-14 22:23:22

Please stop the endless photos of pugs! They aren't even cute! <controversial>

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