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I simply cannot find the answer to this using Google or in Facebook help...

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FrazzleRock Sat 17-May-14 13:51:34

So I've been tagged in a friend's photo, and I noticed it's been shared with "owner's friends, and some of Frazzle's friends"

Who are "some" friends? How do I know which of my friends can see and which can't? How does FB decide who the 'some' friends are?

It's not mutual friends, as a friend of mine (who isn't connected to the owner) 'liked' it.

This is driving me bonkers as I've seen it before and can't find any answer on Google or FB help centre.

Any ideas oh wise ones?

AreYouFeelingLucky Sat 17-May-14 14:46:14

The person who shared the photo chooses. So they could have a privacy settings that is work work friends, for example, which includes a few people that you know. That would show as 'some' friends to you.

FrazzleRock Sat 17-May-14 14:51:40

Ooooohhhh.... So there's no way for me to know which group of friends can see it, unless I ask her?

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