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Everyone can see my profile and cover photos and all the comments that go with them.

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NotALondoner Mon 12-May-14 21:44:14

What can I do about this? I have everything set to friends only.

NotALondoner Tue 13-May-14 11:09:15

Ok, I sorted it!

overthehill74 Sun 24-Aug-14 08:29:14

NotALondoner I was just wondering how you sorted this?

DoristheCamel Mon 15-Sep-14 22:40:35

cover photos are always public as far as I know.
profile pics default to public when you change it but you can change the settings to friends only afterwards.

Anonymustnot Tue 23-Sep-14 22:15:46

Also wondering how to sort this - can anyone explain please?

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