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Need to start a new fb account. Can I make it unable to find?

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FreakinScaryCaaw Tue 12-Nov-13 22:37:42

Basically a few people from work (new-ish job) are sending friend requests and they're not people I want on my friends list. I have added a few who I really like which makes it a bit awkward really.

I fancy starting another account and just having family and friends on it and not acquaintances. Can I make one where people can't find me in search? I like FB and don't want to deactivate this account but might have to?

MostWicked Tue 12-Nov-13 22:47:08

No, all you could do is create one under a false name.

Just put all your work friends on restricted profile so they can't see anything you post. If they ask why there is nothing on your profile, tell them that you only use it for the games but never post anything.

FreakinScaryCaaw Tue 12-Nov-13 22:57:08

Thanks, how do I do the restricted profile thing please?

MostWicked Wed 13-Nov-13 22:33:39

Off the top of my head, go to your friends list and click on the button next to their name. You can put them in a group like friends or family, and there is also an option to put them on restricted profile.
They will then only see posts that you make public.

Arkina Tue 10-Dec-13 02:32:50

actually you can make your account hidden. My fb doesnt show up in searches

lottieandmia Tue 10-Dec-13 02:57:37

I have an account where my surname isn't on it so nobody can search me.

Utterly Tue 31-Dec-13 00:56:38

I don't think my proper FB account shows up in searches as I have the security settings high - but my personal account I have linked to my business one does.

RedFocus Tue 18-Feb-14 13:46:04

It's against fb's t&c's to have more than one account and/or use false names so please bear this in mind because they will delete with no warning if they come across it.
A good idea is to not add people you don't really know and maybe change your settings so you can hide.

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