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Help me with my business page please oh please

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taytotayto Sat 03-Aug-13 21:29:20

thank you for your reply. having had a think i think your dead right. i need to get twittering. i have no idea how to but i need to pull my finger out and learn. im also going to start attending local craft fairs so people can see the products and hopefully look for me in the future. x

countrymummy13 Mon 29-Jul-13 14:51:28

Damn phone!!!

Was saying should think you'll be looking in the region of 0.001% conversion. (an educated guess).

Make sure you only spend money your business can afford to lose and that you can afford an exposure big enough to give you worthwhile results.

countrymummy13 Mon 29-Jul-13 14:48:34

Do you have much capital to put in to advertising?

Money spent on display advertising (which is what you're talking about) can really be dead money. Especially if you don't know enough about marketing to be able to track your ads (and therefore measure the success).

I personally would recommend a low-risk, slow burner alternative to marketing your goods. Try to improve your profile using viral techniques. Post on to Facebook regularly, get on twitter, do competitions which encourage spreading your word.

Also get in to local craft markets / country fairs that sort of thing.

Having said that, I have never advertised on Facebook. If you do go for it, be very realistic about your expectations (I should think we're talking 0.001% c
And what about selling on notonthehighstreet?

taytotayto Sun 28-Jul-13 22:05:06

A few months ago i set up a very small cottage industry business and i set up a facebook account. i dont have a personal account so this whole facebook thing is really daunting for me.
i cant afford to pay for advertising but i was reading a blog a few weeks ago and this woman mentioned she advertised on facebook and finds people who "LIKED" the magazines she would like to advertise in but cant afford to and just advertises to these women.
so what i want to know is how do i send advertising to women who have babies and small children as my items are designed and made for babies and children.
can anyone offer me some help and advice please.
sorry for the long thread. x

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