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Weird ex friend trying to find me through ds2 and her dd

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I used to know this woman in my old town who was a bit strange in some ways. She's intelligent and funny but could be really sneaky and two faced. We sort of drifted apart naturally and I tended to avoid meeting up etc..We don't live there now so haven't had to see her and didn't keep her on FB. She took the hint.

Her dd is the same age as ds2 and he added her to FB. Not much of a problem I'd have thought except the mother is now named on her dd's FB page and she's been messaging my ds2. Pretending to be dd and saying can we come over to your house (which is some drive away) Saying her mum said it's ok. I just know from the way it's worded that it's from the mum. The dd uses text speak for starters and I can tell it's not how a teen would go on. They're 13.

I've deleted the dd now which is sad but ds2 isn't at all bothered. He was surprised she'd added him tbh hmm

I like FB but it can be such a bloody pain sometimes.

sjupes Sun 24-Mar-13 14:45:38

that is just weird, maybe block them? if someone blatantly doesn't want to be friends with you normally people back off - either she hasn't gotten the hint or you are really really fab grin either that or she is shocked someone doesn't want to be her friend if she is a bit of a selfish one hmm

Yes it is weird. He won't add her again as they weren't close friends.

I think she's got the hint but she does fall out with a lot of people so maybe getting a bit lonely? I was more tolerant than most. But I'm not the same person I was then, don't suffer fools so much.

Oh and she'd asked the town where we lived. Thankfully he hadn't given out our address.

sjupes Sun 24-Mar-13 15:05:09

ah she'll have been betting on 'good old juniper' to be her best friend for a bit then! i know of someone like that it's such a 'high school' thing to do especially when you have dcs angry it blimmin annoys me.

i'm glad your ds didn't give out your address i can imagine her forever 'just driving through' your street area..

bugger that!

I've been stalked before so it did creep me out. That was an ex boyfriend though.

She has 6 dcs so you'd think she'd have enough on her plate!

sjupes Sun 24-Mar-13 15:11:02

christ alive with 6 dcs i'm surprised she has the time to pester people for friendship!

i can see why she might want a friend but it'd be better for her to make new ones i think. who don't know she's a bit odd

She has her dcs well trained the older ones look after younger ones. She is good that way. No partner I don't think and she has had a lot of different ones but they never last. She ended up with a total psycho once who's dad to one of her youngest. That was so scary.

I'm keeping well away. I'll just tell her straight if she turns up.

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