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LIZS Sun 19-Aug-12 12:53:25

Just shared a pic and FB has automatically moved me onto Timeline. Can I get rid of it ? Doesn't go live for another week apparently.

NicholasTeakozy Sun 19-Aug-12 13:55:20

It did the same to me. Can't get shot of it either.

lubeybooby Sun 19-Aug-12 14:05:51

It's fine when you get used to it, I've had it since the beta test in October last year. The old profiles look massively outdated and rubbish now. It's about time everyone got it!

SoupDragon Sun 19-Aug-12 14:10:46

Even if you could get rid of it you will be moved to timeline regardless. I think it looks cluttered and shite and it's about time everybody moved back to the more sensible version.

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