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help I've done something really silly

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lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 18:06:18

it didn't lock me out, just after 3 attempts a message came up to say - is this you? with a yes or no option and I didn't click either I just killed the page and panicked!!! so i did the same thing on my FB account on my daughters laptop and no notification yet. I don't think he will have very advanced security settings as he hardly uses FB and if he does, has to ask me how to do a post or how to reply - which makes my attempt to hack even more ridiculous!

LunarRose Tue 26-Jun-12 18:02:23

It depends on his security settings, mine would be sending me a notification, I would guess as it locked you out his will too.

whatever- the op didn't say she was petrified of her partner, just that she was petrified. I would be petrified of the relationship ending if I had done something stupid and didn't want it to end.

Brazen it out, but admit an error of judgement if he confronts you about it

lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 17:59:07

Yep, I agree I am trying to sort out the big picture and get a conversation going and move forward, which is why if he knows I have been trying to hack his FB, it will be a step backwards. Lets hope FB is kind to me and doesn't tell him :-)

lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 17:56:11

I suppose if he questions me, I could just say, oh that's odd I had the same message the other day and so did some of the girls at work (he doesn't know them, so no chance of checking up), FB is really playing up at the moment! The thing is, I am so NOT this person normally .......

DoingItForMyself Tue 26-Jun-12 17:53:23

Lulu, then the FB thing is a bit of a red herring and I wouldn't put too much effort into sorting that out and concentrate on trying to sort out the bigger picture. sad x

usualsuspect Tue 26-Jun-12 17:51:35

Tell him FB is playing up

goodygumdrops Tue 26-Jun-12 17:49:17

Do the same on yours. Then go to log in when he does and say 'oh look mine is the same too'

TodaysAGoodDay Tue 26-Jun-12 17:45:10

Pesto you're supposed to be helping. hmm

lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 17:44:58

i'm not sure he does love me anymore, that's the problem :-(

lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 17:44:03

when do the notifications come, because I haven't got my one from earlier yet?!

PestoSandalissimos Tue 26-Jun-12 17:43:07

Facebook will notify him with the time and the place that the login was attempted from.

WhateverHappenedToWinceyWillis Tue 26-Jun-12 17:42:44

You should not be petrified of a man who is supposed to live you .

I hope everything is ok.

Queenofcake Tue 26-Jun-12 17:40:04

Just blank it out. It was not you. It didnt happen.

If he says anything - just brazen it out and deny its you (if asked). Be concerned, advise him to change his password incase it was hackers.

lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 17:34:21

my one friend in particular who thinks he is, is divorced from a serial adulterer so she sees all his behaviour as signs of cheating. Maybe I should say "I want to believe him" as obviously if I did completely, I wouldn't be trying to login to his facebook account, would I??

Unfortunately we both have laptops so he would never access his own FB from my machine, otherwise that would have been a good one!!!

Swatchdog Tue 26-Jun-12 17:29:08

Can you not brazen it out and say that you didn't notice that it was his login stored on the webpage and absent mindedly typed in your own password, not really paying enough attention until it was too late if you're challenged?

DoingItForMyself Tue 26-Jun-12 17:27:05

"My friends think he is seeing someone else, he swears he isn't, and I believe him"

Do you really though? What makes your friends think otherwise?

lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 17:08:42

funny, I did log on to my daughters computer and deliberately logged onto my FB account with the wrong password. I haven't got any notifications or emails but I wondered if they would come instantly or not? He would go ballistic if he knew :-(

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Tue 26-Jun-12 17:06:30

in any case - even if he gets that notifcation, doesn;t mean it is you - could be any old hacker

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Tue 26-Jun-12 17:05:30

why not set up another id, and then do the same thing and see if you get an email. It ight just be a timeout thing, and will let you back in again after eg 30 mins, and so you might be okay as long as he doens't try it himself in that ime.
Good luck!!!

catinboots Tue 26-Jun-12 16:55:42

Yes I think he will sad

lulubellaboozle Tue 26-Jun-12 16:54:37

Hi all, this is my first time on mumsnet and I have done something really silly and would like some advice. My DH and I are going through a very difficult patch. My friends think he is seeing someone else, he swears he isn't, and I believe him. BUT .... in a moment of madness I tried to log onto his Facebook account today and guess his password. I didn't get it right and after 3 attempts it blocked me out. I'm petrified, what a stupid thing to do, but I am now really worried if he will get a notification from Facebook to say someone has tried to log on to his account. Does anyone know if this happens?!

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