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Do you feel sometimes like deleting your Facebook account?

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Lovefruitsandvegs Tue 05-Jun-12 10:24:13

I check Facebook everyday but I do not feel connected to most of the people on there. May be the others feel about me the same. I know for some people Facebook is a good way of keeping in touch but for me it is just a waste of my time. Sometimes I just want to delete it and never to come back to it but it is probably selfish, what do you think? Most of my friends on Facebook are very social. They have hundreds of friends (family, close friends, former classmates, Facebook friends atc). They have discussions regularly. I am not too close too my Facebook friends and that probably why we do not talk like the others do. I do not even know whether it is important as I have other things to do at home but it looks so nice when my Facebook friends keep in touch with their friends. May be I should just tell myself to check it once a week and that it. I find it easy to open the account because it is on my phone smile Only one click. It is hard not to access it but I have to find somewhere a strong will not to do it.

lovechoc Fri 08-Jun-12 21:11:52

I have never posted a personal video of myself or DC on YouTube but I know many who do and think nothing of it. No one seems to care about the voyeoristic (?sp) tendencies some have. And I don't mean in a positive light...

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