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Do you feel sometimes like deleting your Facebook account?

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Lovefruitsandvegs Tue 05-Jun-12 10:24:13

I check Facebook everyday but I do not feel connected to most of the people on there. May be the others feel about me the same. I know for some people Facebook is a good way of keeping in touch but for me it is just a waste of my time. Sometimes I just want to delete it and never to come back to it but it is probably selfish, what do you think? Most of my friends on Facebook are very social. They have hundreds of friends (family, close friends, former classmates, Facebook friends atc). They have discussions regularly. I am not too close too my Facebook friends and that probably why we do not talk like the others do. I do not even know whether it is important as I have other things to do at home but it looks so nice when my Facebook friends keep in touch with their friends. May be I should just tell myself to check it once a week and that it. I find it easy to open the account because it is on my phone smile Only one click. It is hard not to access it but I have to find somewhere a strong will not to do it.

TenMinutesLate Wed 06-Jun-12 00:50:58

Im forever checking fb as its on my phone - fb & mn....I lose so much time; I am actually going to tell myself ONCE a day....I dont even comment much on MN, i just love reading AIBU; and FB? Well I really need to take the app off my phone........but will i just eat more cake now my hands are free???

But IIWU i would have a huge cull of your friends and scale it right back...although just re-reading; why would it be selfish?!

Lovefruitsandvegs Wed 06-Jun-12 10:46:24

I do not use the application, I just sign in through the link and it is always logged in. I thought if I delete the acount then my friends might think I do not want to keep in touch with them but may be I am wrong. My DH has not got a FB account. He seems to be fine without it but has used my account to check on some people smile

Chunkamatic Wed 06-Jun-12 10:50:21

You dont HAVE to have a FB account you know?!!

I think it can be a really addictive and not terribly constructive. If you have mobile numbers/email addresses of the people you want to be in touch with then you can still be in touch with them you know - it may be old fashioned but it's not quite carrier pigeon!!!

lovechoc Wed 06-Jun-12 10:53:21

If it's bothering you so much, just get rid of it. I have just deleted mine on Monday and haven't had a notion to log in to it since (early days!). I am on Day 3 of 14...

lovechoc Wed 06-Jun-12 10:53:51

agree with chunkamatic.

TenMinutesLate Wed 06-Jun-12 13:49:15

My DP doesn't have one either....he thinks I'm nuts!

FunnyLovesTheJubilee Wed 06-Jun-12 13:53:25

I rarely look on FB, maybe once every week or so. If it's turning into a competition and source of anxiety, just stop checking so often. No need to delete which may be a bit odd TBH

Lovefruitsandvegs Wed 06-Jun-12 14:26:50

I have signed out of it! Was not 100% sure about deleting it. I used to check FB only once or twice a week but since getting a smartphone ( a few months ago) I have been checking it every hour. Madness! So, the next time when I am going to log in into FC is going to be only at weekend.

lovechoc Wed 06-Jun-12 14:41:41

Good for you, lovesfruitandvegs smile

Why not delete something you don't want to be a part of funnylovesthejubilee? If we were all the same it would be a bit boring. Using FB is a lifestyle choice so people just don't really enjoy.

lovechoc Wed 06-Jun-12 14:41:59


FunnyLovesTheJubilee Wed 06-Jun-12 15:33:30

of course it is loveschoc but whenever anyone just disappears from facebook I always imagine all sorts of goings ons. Delete by all means, it makes no odds to me

lovechoc Wed 06-Jun-12 16:12:15

I hope friends are imagining all sorts about me then. Or they could just pick up the phone if they're concerned (but I doubt they'll read too much into it!).

Ecomiss Wed 06-Jun-12 16:43:50

Have you heard of the new 23 Snaps iphone app that allows you to share baby photos with only close family and friends? A friend told me about it this week and I've since signed up. I feel the same way about my Facebook - I befriended too many people at the start and now when it comes to the thought of sharing my baby photos (to be born in a couple of weeks) I'm not that keen to share them with everyone... but this new app seems to be the answer to my social network shyness! Even the grandparents can receive email alerts - my mother in law is really excited about it! Either type 23 snaps into your iphone search - or the website is -

Lovefruitsandvegs Wed 06-Jun-12 21:55:30

I am not sure about baby sharing photo applications. What if ithas been created by a paedofile? I've noticed that many of those children's phone applications have access to almost everyhing else on your phone. You can see the privacy before hou download the application. Hmmm

lovechoc Thu 07-Jun-12 07:50:43

I don't own an Android or I-Phone or equivalents, I just have a basic phone (yep - boring!!). No, I wouldn't use any of these applications, or websites Ecomiss. I have photos I print out and show my friends and family when they visit, gives you something to chat about! smile

Ecomiss Fri 08-Jun-12 17:37:56

Know what you mean Lovechoc, I still love good old printed photos too! smile But I’m loving the 23 Snaps app so far and even the grandparents are enjoying receiving photos by email of progress with nursery decorating etc for my baby-to-be – at least it stops them nagging!! By the way Lovefruitandvegs, 23 Snaps seems to be very secure and private and that's the whole point, otherwise there’s no way I’d be about to use it for sharing photos of my newborn! Apparently they monitor user behaviour to flag any unusual activities so hopefully any dodgy people wouldn't be allowed to use it from the start or would get rooted out pretty quickly...

Lovefruitsandvegs Fri 08-Jun-12 18:41:26

I did had the urge to use the FB account these days. Now, I have to sort out Mumsnet smile

Ecomiss, I am very suspicious about all these kids photo sharing applications not because of the members but of the creators of the applications. People who work on these applications can easily look at the photos and share them with others. It is an easy job for a pedophile to create a photosharing applications, is it not? Remember, the website for children which was run by a pedophile? He still owns this business.

lovechoc Fri 08-Jun-12 18:55:01

lovefruitsandvegs what childrens website was that??? Please share! That sounds well dodgy and I'll be sure to stear well clear of it.

FrozenChocolate Fri 08-Jun-12 19:28:15

Do you mean Sparklebox? Apparently they were 'harvesting' photos from people's computers.

lovechoc Fri 08-Jun-12 19:29:06

Bloody hell, whatever next. I'm glad I've deleted my FB account now, the less info about myself online the better.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Fri 08-Jun-12 19:32:31

I have a FB accoutn but have the security set so high that very little is available to the public, if anything. I set it up to track my DD when she spent a year in Australia - to see the photos etc and to send her messages

I am very wary of FB though - I don't think half the people using it realise how much information they are making availble about themselves.

lovechoc Fri 08-Jun-12 19:47:31

You can have your profile very secure, but you have to wonder what FB do with all the information you provide for them to filter through at their own leisure. Where does it all go, who's looking at it and when. It just didn't sit well with me (what little info I did have on my FB page). I don't like the idea that all that info is just gathered there waiting on being used for a purpose we don't know of yet.

Lovefruitsandvegs Fri 08-Jun-12 20:34:44

That was indeed Sparklebox. I was just sure about the name as there is a similar name Sparkles. Hmmm, Sparkles.

Recent news about stolen Linkedin details. Nothing is secure.
I remember it was about a month ago in the news when an American woman posted a video of her child dancing in the rain on youtube and it had ended up being shared by pedophiles (I think someone spotted it on youtube private link, not sure). Youtube is terrible if you want to report something. They might even ignore your comment. It does belong to Google, is it not? Google, Facebook, Youtube all collect information about us but at least we know it.

Lovefruitsandvegs Fri 08-Jun-12 20:35:40

"I was not sure", that is what I wanted to say...

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