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Since Ive been changed to Timeline, no-one seems to be seeing my status updates

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sphil Fri 25-May-12 16:58:55

Yes I was converted automatically. I hate it - the layout, the way I get pages and pages of links that people have put up but not their everyday news. Don't get how it works at all.

SwedishEdith Fri 25-May-12 15:16:09

Were you converted automatically? I've resisted so far as I think it looks a complete mess and hate doing what I'm told to do. But, when I've looked at people's profiles who are on it, there seems to be huge duplications of comments all over the place.

Onlyaphase Fri 25-May-12 15:05:55

No idea either, sorry. Some of my friends have updated to timeline, and I can see their updates on my home page, and others have updated and I can only see their updates on their own page if I go looking. Most odd.

peggyblackett Fri 25-May-12 09:54:20

Sphil, I have thought the very same thing. I've either got very dull or I have become invisible. Probably the former. grin

sphil Fri 25-May-12 09:52:25

Is there a techological reason for this I've missed, or have i just suddenly become incredibly boring? Before Timeline I would always get one or two likes at least, if not comments, but now my posts just seem to disappear into the ether. I'm thinking there must be a way around it, as a few of my friends are still getting multiple comments - and they're not THAT much more interesting than megrin

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