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TheSameButDifferent Mon 23-Apr-12 23:48:14

yes, he found that but where are they visible, on the group newsfeed?

differentnameforthis Mon 23-Apr-12 23:40:06

Oh, group docs! You should be able to go into the group & see "DOCS" along the top, under the pictures.

TheSameButDifferent Mon 23-Apr-12 23:07:26

Thanks, someone on another thread on here mentioned docs in groups. His is an open group. I'm not sure why he needs to know, just he messenger. But thanks.

ChishAndFips Mon 23-Apr-12 22:47:40

Not totally au fait with docs, but I do know that I have created some in a closed group (i.e. only the people expressly invited to join can see anything in it) and nobody else can see them. So I assume that if the doc was posted to an open group, one where posts from it pop up onto the newsfeed, docs from it would also.

differentnameforthis Mon 23-Apr-12 22:39:32

By docs, do you mean notes? If so, on the LHS there is a list which contains shortcuts to stuff like friends lists, groups etc, there should be, in there, one for notes.

And as Dueling said for wall/newsfeed. The wall is now (or will soon become) the time line.

DuelingFanjo Mon 23-Apr-12 22:27:07


your wall is all your own content and postings, the newsfeed is a constant feed of other people's content and postings.

then there's timeline...

TheSameButDifferent Mon 23-Apr-12 22:24:31

bumpity bump

TheSameButDifferent Mon 23-Apr-12 22:16:38

DP wants to know

Where a docs visible from once you create them

What is difference between a wall and newsfeed

Thanks in advance

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