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App smallprint upgraded me to Timeline :( Stuck with it now, aren't I?

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Error Sat 21-Apr-12 20:21:07

You can't get your old profile back, everyone WILL be forced to change to Timeline eventually. I changed mine voluntarily and I quite like it but I know people who have logged off from the old profile and logged back in to find they have a timeline, so really no point creating a new account. The new account would probably automatically be timeline anyway.. (not sure, haven't tried!)

qo Fri 20-Apr-12 02:26:37

i dont think registering a new account will work as every facebook user will be forced to have timeline soon, or so I'm led to believe by DC.

The only other option is to not have facebook at all (I dont and I haven't self-combusted grin)

Propinquity Fri 20-Apr-12 02:15:03

Dangnammit sad
Late, tired, just opened a music App on facebook and as I clicked Enter noticed smallprint 'this will upgrade you to Timeline' sad

I have revoked that App (Deezer) in settings and looked everywhere on my new timeline profile for any smallprint to reverse Deezer's actions, but no luck.

So I now have 7 days before my friends can also all all view me as timeline format.

I can hardly navigate my own profile now and never view anyone else who is on timeline, the pages just jump around and don't load properly. I hate the layout style.

I'm not convinced timeline is as inevitable as they say. exactly when is it rolling out then, hmm?

Anyway, anyone know how to get my old profile back? No links to Google searches, they're probably all fake hacks.

Ulitmately, if I can't revert within 7 days, I am just going to deactivate and register a completely new account and start all over again, I feel that peeved about it. I'm all for changes in life, but this change is NOT navigable for me.

And I will not be using a single App ever again if I have to do this.

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