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How can I stop friends from tagging me in places they are checked in to?

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smokinaces Thu 12-Apr-12 20:14:06

When I do it, I get an email and then my page says "1 item for approval" and it doesn't appear until I say yes. If you put your settings on that page to "me only" no one should be able to see that tag from your friends list either.

HopeForTheBest Thu 12-Apr-12 17:00:35

So I did it, and what happened was I got an email whenever anyone tagged me but there was never an option to approve it or not. As far as I could see, the posts with me tagged in them appeared anyway, but I got email notification.

HopeForTheBest Thu 12-Apr-12 10:07:36

Will try it out - thank you! smile

smokinaces Wed 11-Apr-12 20:47:44

Its "Review Posts that Friends Tag me In" - turn that to "on" and it wont go onto your profile when they tag you in a place unless you approve it (and you can say no)

HopeForTheBest Wed 11-Apr-12 20:40:43

I don't mind the tagging in photos, just the ones that are linked to places. I can't seem to find any settings for Check In To Places any more either - is it still available?
Here are instructions but the options aren't on FB any more

smokinaces Wed 11-Apr-12 20:30:32

Go to Facebook > Privacy > Timeline/tagging and then "Review Tags before posting" and "me only to see tags"

This should help prevent anyone tagging you without you knowing and you being able to delete it.

HopeForTheBest Wed 11-Apr-12 20:25:56

I find this really annoying. Friend "checks in" to place and tags me there too.
How can I stop this?
I know that in theory she can also tag me in a regular post and just say "I'm at XYZ with HopeForTheBest" without the checking-in crap, but this is still pissing me off.
I have found loads of instructions on how to do it but they all seem to refer to an older version of the Privacy Settings where you can customise Places I Check In To and also where friends can tag you - I don't seem to have any of those privacy options any more.

Please, does anyone know?

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