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Things that make you laugh on Facebook....

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UsedToBePretty Tue 20-Mar-12 15:08:28

I'll start with one of my FB friends who has just put up a status saying

"OMG I can't believe it I am in shock!"

To which about 10 people have replied asking if she is ok and what is the matter.

She has replied twice to say:

"I'm ok, just in shock!"

WHY bother posting it if you are not going to tell anyone what has happened!!!

coansha Tue 20-Mar-12 17:30:06

The ones tht piss me off are the " my daughter is the best/ loveliest etc, won award for best haircut, scored 3 goals" , we all love our kids and think the sun shines out of their arses but it once in a blue moon or exceptional circumstance is ok, not bloody daily!

TheSinglePringle Tue 20-Mar-12 17:34:52

The ones where people are declaring there love for each other when they have been together only a few days!

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