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Would you send a friend's request to a nephew?

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bright1 Wed 29-Jun-11 17:10:39

I am friends with a couple of my nephews on facebook. I have also sent a request to another which has been ignored. Have I made a faux pas sending it? I guess its because I am friends on facebook with his mum.

BuggerAllTheBestNamesAreTaken Wed 29-Jun-11 17:11:57

I'm friends with my nephews and nieces, maybe he has something to hide!

PandaG Wed 29-Jun-11 17:12:02

no. I don't ask any teens to be my FB friends, but accept if they friend me.

TickleToe Wed 29-Jun-11 17:13:40

He probably just doesn't want you seeing all his pics etc.... how old is he? I have a teen family member who had me on facebook and I could see all her pics (drinking at parties etc), not anything I'd think of as overly concerning but she has recently deleted me! I didn't take too much offence. I think very often they just want privacy. Can be concerning though if you think they have something to hide. I have my 12 year old on there as a friend and some of her friends have two accounts- one to include family etc and one just for friends. Now that is worrying at 12!!!

bright1 Wed 29-Jun-11 17:26:48

In early twenties.

TickleToe Wed 29-Jun-11 17:37:49

So he's an adult and can decide I suppose. Not very nice of him though! If he doesn't even have his mum as a friend then he obviously has aspects of his life he doesn't want her / you to see!

pointydog Wed 29-Jun-11 17:58:26

My young-adult nephew requested to be friends with me and I'd rather he hadn't. I don't want to know some of the things a young man, related to me, gets up to.

He probably doesn't want you to be in on his tawdry life either wink

Awomancalledhorse Wed 29-Jun-11 18:02:22

My DH has refused to 'friend' his dad. I haven't 'friended' any of my family, only friended DH so we could be fb 'married'.

A bit too 'Stan, poke your grandma!' for my liking grin

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