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Do people see if I have clicked on their name in a search?

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SiriusStar Thu 04-Nov-10 14:07:29

Using made up names as I have tried this using the word friend and it got too compicated.

If I click on Barbara's friend list and then see Neil (whom I know of) and then click on his name and then see Ken on Neil's list and click on Ken's name, will Neil or Ken have me as a friend suggestion?

I really suspect this happens which is annoying as sometimes I want to search for people with common names via people I know but don't want to be friends with who have unusual names.

coatgate Thu 04-Nov-10 14:09:14

Don't know but I very much hope not... I am always clicking through people's friends lists, a bit like going down through the circles of hell into my past............

SiriusStar Thu 04-Nov-10 21:56:23

I have spotted a friend's dh on my suggested list. She is not on facebook but he is. I was wondering if she had looked me up through his profile.
It may be coincidence but a school friend has requested fb friendship and I was passing through her page the other day.

Sarsaparilllla Mon 22-Nov-10 15:01:27

No, you get a friend suggestion because you have friends in common, not because you clicked on their name.

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