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friend requests.

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FrozenChocolate Thu 22-Jul-10 16:42:54

Ages ago I sent a friend request to someone who didn't accept it. Eventually I cancelled it but in the meantime all their status updates, new friends etc were coming onto my account.

So now I have had two friend requests. One I want to accept, the other I have already pressed 'ignore'. If I accept the one I want, will the other one whom I have already 'ignored' see that I have accepted someone else? I don't want to be their friend but don't want to rub their nose in it and plan on saying I don't go on facebook much if questioned.

FrozenChocolate Thu 22-Jul-10 16:50:18


Tee2072 Thu 22-Jul-10 17:24:44

If they didn't accept it how were they on your feed?

The other person should only see that you accept a friend's request if you accept theirs. Unless there is a privacy setting I am not aware of that let's anyone see your status whether they are your friend or not.

FrozenChocolate Thu 22-Jul-10 17:38:13

Well I don't exactly know. I could see when they did a status update, when they added more friends and when they 'liked' a thingy. Once I cancelled the request I couldn't see them anymore.

Tee2072 Thu 22-Jul-10 17:58:16

I guess maybe there is a privacy thing that let's anyone see those things.

You should look and if there is, change it to 'friends only' and then the person you don't want to friend won't see them.

mygirllollipop Mon 15-Nov-10 14:07:39

I think the reason you had their updates in your newsfeed is because they didn't ignore or confirm your request - just left it.
If you click ignore, then they shouldn't get your updates in their newsfeed and would only find out you accepted the other person's request if they look at your friends list.

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