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Theatre Train. Do you DC do this ? Do you recommend it?

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LynetteScavo Sat 15-May-10 19:40:31

Is it better than Stage Coach?

What are the pluses and minuses?

An inside knowledge welcomed - I'm considering it for 7yo DS.

LynetteScavo Sat 15-May-10 19:57:27

No one?

LynetteScavo Tue 18-May-10 21:11:46

Seriously no one? shock

LynetteScavo Fri 28-May-10 21:39:22

Still only me?

LynetteScavo Sun 06-Jun-10 18:10:33

How long can I keep this thread all to myself?

islandofsodor Mon 07-Jun-10 14:09:58

Sorry! I can tell you all about Stagecoach though!

TheatretrainWGC Thu 21-Apr-16 13:35:09

I know this is an old post, but I run a branch of Theatretrain so can answer all your questions!
All our schools run classes for 6- 18 year olds and many branches run classes for toddlers too. We offer sibling discounts and free trials too.
All our teachers are highly experienced and qualified. Our classes not only teach skills in the performing arts, but boost confidence and communication skills too!
We offer annual shows and many other performance opportunities and other activities throughout the year!

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