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Photography lessons for kids in London

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monkeysmama Fri 11-Dec-09 14:14:31

My sister is 9 and really into taking photos. She is getting a new camera from all of us for Christmas and I want to get her some lessons but can't find anything really.

Anywhere in London would be okay on a Saturday but East London would be best (Waltham Forest, Newham, Greenwich, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Islington even)


bruffin Fri 11-Dec-09 14:44:16

The only thing I can think of is through an adult photography club. However I would have thought the best thing for her to do is just keep taking photos and experimenting with different settings and angles and get her an age appropriate book.

monkeysmama Fri 11-Dec-09 20:35:02

I wondered that bruffin Maybe we should pay for a photoshop package or something instead? I wonder where I'd find someone who'd know about this kind of thing?

Thank you.

bruffin Fri 11-Dec-09 22:18:27

Dh has a good digital slr so the dcs are very interested in photography. Last trip down to MIL DD 12 spent the whole afternoon in her garden taken photographs from all angles. At one point she was lying on her back taking photos of trees, she got some good results.

As for something like photoshop, my next door neighbour is a teacher at the local comp and he runs a 3 day digial photography course for junior age in the summer holidays. Maybe they do something like that in your area

Also found this websitephot courses

bruffin Fri 11-Dec-09 22:31:46

Sorry forgot you were in london, but shows there are some courses out there

monkeysmama Sat 12-Dec-09 11:48:31

Thanks Bruffin. I'll have another look.

Wonderlandphotography Sat 28-Jan-17 11:56:12

I was looking for photography classes in London for children as I am a photography teacher myself with four boys aged 9, 7, 5 and 2 and could not find any. Would this be of interest to other parents? I am thinking of setting up my own classes as I was really surprised that I could not find any.
Fiona Simpson

Scabetty Fri 10-Feb-17 12:04:57

I think you could be on to something here. I have teenagers who would be interested in something like this.

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