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Help - Brownie badges on sash

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LIZS Sat 05-Dec-09 15:19:16

Is there a standard order for sewing them onto the sash ? Should I leave space for future ones to slot in ? On the website there is lovely diagram for Cubs/Scouts but very vague for Brownies/Guides. They don't wear their sashes often so have got away with it thus far but have an outing next weekend.

ChloeHandbag Sat 05-Dec-09 15:21:10

There's no specific order for badges on a sash. If your dd has only just started then she'll be likely to get lots so I'd start at the top front of the sash and work my way down and then onto the back if she gets more.

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 05-Dec-09 15:21:26

Well, I don't speak for the Guide Association but dd's badges go anywhere on the sash.

Kbear Sat 05-Dec-09 15:30:53

At our Brownies... on the front at the top (so at chest height when wearing) should be her six badge and enrollment badge then above that at shoulder height should be the pack name badge. Apart from that, anything goes.

MadBadandCoveredinTinsel Sun 06-Dec-09 21:11:13

At our Brownies, it's the same. I also heard (girlguiding website?) that interest badges should be on the front and 'fun' badges (holiday souvenirs and the like) should be on the back so that is how I do it. My downfall was realising too late that the sash goes over the right shoulder!

AMerryScot Sun 06-Dec-09 21:15:03

You put the unit info and six badges at the top. Then you just work downwards with the interest badges.

Or, in my case, you stop after a few because it is such a bu**er to sew through the sach. You can save the badges to sew onto her Guide blanket.

Hulababy Sun 06-Dec-09 21:15:37

No order required at DD's Brownies - they g anywhere on the sash.

I have two concerns though:

1. the sash isn't very big and I can see it getting full very quickly; then what?

2. the sash is really thick as are the badges - so they are a nightmare to sew on. I broke 3 needles trying to (badly) sew on DD's last badges.

AMerryScot Sun 06-Dec-09 21:18:02

You can buy a wider sash that takes two badges across.

I did a job lot of badges on the sewing machine. I even had a different bobbin and top thread. That is the easiest way, but you have to save them up to make it worthwhile.

LadyGlenChristmasPresent Sun 06-Dec-09 21:20:34

Hula - DD2's sash is full now but I have carried on sewing badges along the edges - you can fit them into the v-shaped spaces made by the first row and they stick out a bit at the sides - you can get three rows on this way if your DD is a particularly keen badge-hunter.

Hulababy Sun 06-Dec-09 21:23:38

No sewing machine and wouldn't have a clue how to use one if I did! I can only just manage a needle and thread. I tried the glue type thing and it was dreadful and wrecked DD's first sash - I had to buy a new one and redo them all!

Wish I'd got the wider sash - didn't know there was one.

Not sure there is enough room for me to fit extra rows on DD's - will check this week.

I have her cook's badge to sew on this week. Grrr!

MadBadandCoveredinTinsel Sun 06-Dec-09 21:27:55

I am a Brownie leader and so ought to know better, but my badge sash CV is

- started with narrow sash. Soon realised that this was going to be inadequate as dd is acquiring badges at breakneck speed

- bought a wide sash and transferred badges

- abandoned all attempts at hand-sewing and used wundaweb

- realised all badges were sewn on the wrong side of the sash and transferred them

- a few weeks later, the wundawebbed badges started to peel off, so I machine-sewed them. If only I'd done that first blush

AMerryScot Sun 06-Dec-09 21:28:30

If you don't have a sewing machine, then a thimble is your friend.

TBH, I have given up with DD's badges in the last year. She is going to Guides in January and I will just sew her badges onto her Guide blanket (or maybe she will do it herself!).

Having been a Guide in the late 70s/early 80s, this is all new to me. We used to sew our badges onto our uniforms, but now they go on their camp blankets, and they can put their Brownie and Rainbow badges on there too, as well as badges from non-guiding events.

MadBadandCoveredinTinsel Sun 06-Dec-09 21:30:17

LadyGlencora - I was wondering whether dd could have two sashes, worn over opposite shoulders.

LIZS Sun 06-Dec-09 21:33:14

lol MB&CIT. Thanks for all the tips. Think we've got the narrow sash too. So if I alternate a single badge with 2 below do you reckon I'll be able to get more on ? dd gave me a rather weary look when I asked her blush but at least there is a notch on the shoulder so I know where to begin . Only 3 badges so far which does seem a bit light for almost a year, now I think of it. Do you do them independently at home or just at the sessions ?

AMerryScot Sun 06-Dec-09 21:35:45

Liz, my DD has about half or her badges from Brownies, and about half at home.

LIZS Sun 06-Dec-09 21:38:26

Just tried 2 across and won't fit hmm You'd have thought they'd design something that actually corresponded in size ! Presumably you can stagger them one slightly to the left next slightly to the right etc to get more on ?

LadyGlenChristmasPresent Sun 06-Dec-09 21:40:43

That would look interesting MadBad. DD2 will be 10 in Feb and is on the waiting list for Guides. She is getting a Guide camp blanket for Christmas and I will sew the newer badges on to that. Incidentally, I was thinking when she leaves Brownies I will just sew the whole sash onto the blanket rather than unpicking the badges and sewing them on individually.
DD3 started Brownies in September and I bought her a gilet instead of a sash, more room and easier to sew onto.
Liz - at our Brownies (I am Brown Owl as well as mother of two Brownies) we do a couple of badges a term but the keen ones usually do a few on their own as well - if they have a hobby like swimming or dancing for instance their teacher can test them for the badge and our local library will always test them for the booklover badge if they ask. Toymaker, craft and artist are also good ones to do all or most of at home as well as home skills obviously.
DD2 tends to pick a badge she wants to do in the school holidays - good to keep them occupied on wet days.

AMerryScot Sun 06-Dec-09 21:41:17

To add...

I am a Brownie Guider and we do 6 badges a year in our sessions (2 per term). They can also get another 2 or so by going on a Brownie sleepover.

There are quite a few that are easy to do at home or school. For eample, my DD did her computer badge at home, as well as her home safety. She got her music teacher at school to sign off on musician (she was very persistant). Badges, such as Seasons, could easily be done in Brownies, but if it is not on the schedule, it is easily done at home. DD has also done her World Culture badge at home. My DD hasn't done Collector, but it is one that lots of Brownies do on their own. Booklover is another good one to do at home.

LadyGlenChristmasPresent Sun 06-Dec-09 21:41:28

Lizs - as I said further down, they don't have to be totally on the sash - let them stick out over the edge.

Hulababy Sun 06-Dec-09 21:44:34

At DD's Brownies they do a badge a term at most, and can do others independently.

DD has done Circus Skills at Brownies (she started at Easter) and swimming, entertainer and cooks independently. She is also working towards her musician badge with her piano teacher, and wants to do her advanced swimmer badge next time we arrange some private lessons, her advanced cook badge at home with me, and also her computer badge at home with me.

LIZS Sun 06-Dec-09 21:47:14

Do you have a handbook with all the badge requirements ? I'm sure dd could well qualify for others already - Gardening, Home Skills and Book Lover already done as a pack.

mistlethrush Sun 06-Dec-09 21:47:43

AMS - but didn't you have all of your brownie badges on your guide blanket anyway? It took a long time for me to sew them on - my mum sewed them onto my brownie sleve, but expected me to sew on guide badges and my blanket. Only reasonable given I had my sewing badge in guides I suppose!

LadyGlenChristmasPresent Sun 06-Dec-09 21:48:36

Since September we have done Friend to Animals, Hostess, Entertainer, Artist, Science Investigator and Stargazer as a unit. But we don't usually do SO many in a term. We do a lot more than some units I know, but it just so happened that these particular badges worked in with the stuff our Brownies wanted to do this term.

Katz Sun 06-Dec-09 21:48:58

got all this to come - DD1 gets invested on Tues, thankfully my mum is visiting and she can do the first lot - Yeah!

Hulababy Sun 06-Dec-09 21:49:18

DD got the badge book when she enrolled. You can buy it from the girlguiding shops or online though, and all the badges are listed and detailed on the Brownie website.

There are lots that can be dne at home.

Some need qualified teachers/instructors to sign them off, such as swimming and dancing.

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