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What would be the perfect art/ drama workshop for under 5's?

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housemice Fri 23-Oct-09 14:09:18

Hi Mums...

I'm programming a new free Art/Drama workshop for under 5's and their Mums + Dads and i would love to here what you think would work.
What time/ day is best?
What activities?
How long?
What age range?

I'm thinkg storys and art activies e.g make your boat and sail it, build an instrument and play for the king etc.. what do you all think?

*thank you!*

ZZZenAgain Mon 26-Oct-09 16:49:05

When dd was about 4 I think, she attended a brilliant drama workshop at a museum in Berlin. The theme was the tower of Babel (might be too religious for you but to give you an idea). Dd absolutely loved it, they were there for 2 hours IIRC, had a break in the middle (they all had brought a drink and lunchbox with them) and then put on a little performance for the dp. They just loved doing that bit.

I wasn't there for the workshop but as I understood it , they worked in pairs with big cardboard boxes which became planes, cars, buildings etc. It was really quite clever and very good for dc their age.

This is 5 years ago now so I can't remember the cost but since it was a museum activity, it would have been subsidised anyway. Wasn't much. My dd was still raving about it 4 years later.

mumblecrumble Thu 29-Oct-09 23:56:32

Hey, sounds cool are you doming up north???

Definietly a theme they can be totally imersed in.

In my opinion - not particularly ecperienced but lead workshops and have a toddler

Time - morning, from 9 - 10 [break] then 10.20 - 11.30 perhaps... ALso any wet craft suff can dry over break

Activities - dance, making a mask for dance, some basic role play [based on animals/nature perhaps], not too complicated more immersed in theme and lots of enthusiasm. Drama - can the family make a washing machine/tree/bridge etc with all their bodies.

Age range - from 3-5. My 2 year old can;t talk enough to cope with it I don;t think...

SOngs, making up their own dramam and songs etc.

What are you thinking?

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