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alpha sax

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madamearcati Sat 17-Oct-09 19:54:52

Has anybody'd Dc bought one of these ? Apparently they have only been out for a year or so and have sonme of the keys missed off so they can be played by smaller hands.Because they are so new ,there seem to be no second hand ones so we will have to commit ourselves to buying her a new one.
I just wanted to check what 'saxy' people thought about them and how long DD would be likely to manage with just 2 octaves ?

whippet Sat 17-Oct-09 20:01:46

I don't know anything about them I'm afraid.
I'm afraid my first thought is that they are a bit of a gimmick.

How old is your DD? A child need to have their two adult front teeth firmly established before they begin to play any reed instrument (sax/ clarinet).
Does she play the recorder? The descant fingering and alto sax fingering are very similar. If I were you I would concentrate on her learning an easier, smaller instrument, and developing her music reading skills. Then when she begins the sax she will pick it up quickly.

DS1 (9) has just started learning the full size alto sax, and I play the clarinet. I think 8-9 would be the earliest I would recommend.

whippet Sat 17-Oct-09 20:02:54

The two octave thing isn't a particular issue I'd say - lots & lots of music within the two octave range!

madamearcati Sun 18-Oct-09 10:39:47

DD is just 8.But is small for her age and I have very small hands so it is possible she will too. she has done recorder at school for a year.Her front teeth are through
Have looked into the cost of hire .It isn't available through the county music so it would be £20 per month for a minimum periodof a year + £30 insurance.To buy using county music service would be about £350 so I think that is what we will have to do and hope we can sell/part ex it when she outgrows it.
Very expensive -but I think it is important to do the instrument she is keen to do ,otherwise an excuse to give up !

whippet Sun 18-Oct-09 14:37:15

Is it also in Eflat?

If not, then it will get very confusing when she makes the switch to a full size one?

whippet Sun 18-Oct-09 14:38:46

some more views here

madamearcati Fri 30-Oct-09 20:00:24

Well it came today ! We (and lucky neighbours) have been treated to her tooting away on it all day.She has managed ,very laboriously, to murder a few tunes on it !

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