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Kids Drama in London (on the cheap!) - Credit Crunch friendly!

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CatherineE Mon 17-Aug-09 12:41:45

Hi all!

I work for the Murphy Kidman Edwards Performing Arts Academy so can sort 'mates rates' for various people (and of course fellow MumsNet-ers are all mates! ) if anyone is interested in a quality drama class in Southwark / London Bridge - behind Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, to be precise!

Anyway, £40 per term (equivalent £4 per class) is what I can offer if you're after a great class with focus on both confidence and performance. Plus there's an additional 10% discount for siblings. (Kids must be 6+.)
We also have a talent agency attached so often get castings for our students too - if you like (not everybody does!).

If interested, let me know!

C x

CatherineE Mon 17-Aug-09 12:42:43

Oh, and it's the influx of drama based questions/threads that led me to intrude - not trying to be a pest!

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