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Scouts and DOE

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Starmummy Wed 29-Jul-09 15:59:59

Does anyone have experience of the crossover between Scouts and the DOE. DS has nearly completed all the work for his cheif Scout. Just one more section regarding community work. He has decided what he is going to do and would really like to complete it before November when the Consul General will be available to present the award. However he doesnt start DOE until September. Can he carry this wrok over or will he need to start with another peice of community work. He would like to keep going all the way through to gold with this charity if possible.


Starmummy Wed 29-Jul-09 16:00:44

Crikey please accept apologies for the poor spelling. blush

hocuspontas Wed 29-Jul-09 16:04:04

Dd1 has done her community service with St John for all her DofE awards.

Starmummy Sat 01-Aug-09 16:50:36

Thanks for that hocuspontas. Just wanted to make sure he could keep going with the same charity. I am sure school will let us know but that isnt till end of September and he is already working towards the community section for scouts, although they have never had anyone do DoE so they are happy to assist but havent read anymore than me.

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