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Duke of Edinburgh

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donna123 Mon 13-Jul-09 09:28:11

Our DofE are asking for people to assist. I would like to help but I'm not sure what they are looking for. I have no particular skills e.g. I'm not a first aider.
Help - what should I put in the e-mail?

madwomanintheattic Mon 13-Jul-09 09:35:09

exactly that - sometimes they are just looking for people to talk through plans with the young people (ie which skills/ sports etc) and sometimes they want more 'hands-on' stuff like teaching to map read and planning/ supervising exped etc. have you got lightweight camping skills?

i did it year ago, it's great fun.

are you crb checked etc? worth putting that in too if so. anyone who is keen can generally help out somehow.

donna123 Mon 13-Jul-09 09:46:51

ROFL my camping skills are definitely lightweight!
I am not CRB checked - have never needed to be.

madwomanintheattic Mon 13-Jul-09 09:54:55


not essential lol - that did sound funny when i read it back grin

i just meant that someone who can put up a tent and light a stove is always useful - packing a rucksack etc grin

but there are bound to be other things you can do lol - it's not all exped, there's loads of other stuff and all the background admin too. have you got a handbook/ familiar with the awards?

ours used to have the opportunity to help out on a week-long residential holiday for underprivileged local children, for example - the 'helpers' needed supervising as well lol.

send them a quick e-mail and ask them what they need help with. is it a school group or a local community group? i've done both but not for ages, so it might be quite different times for their meetings etc.

donna123 Mon 13-Jul-09 10:02:02

I would love to do the expeditions. I fancy yomping over mountains but I would prefer a B&B (with a hot bath and warm fluffy towels!) to a tent. And anyway, the leaders don't yomp do they? They just cruise around in a minibus checking on the kids and handing out emergency Kendal Mint Cake.
I could do admin but I do that for the day job so I want something more exciting.

madwomanintheattic Mon 13-Jul-09 10:12:21

quite right - you can do a bit of optional romping grin
(actually it's not quite so optional if you lose a team and have to try and work out where they've gone...)
but kendal mint cake profferers always needed. wink

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