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skateboard for 8 year old

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KathG Mon 15-Jun-09 21:34:33

My petite soon to be 8 DD has decided she would like a skateboard. She has tried it as part of a camp and apparently has natural talent.... what do I buy as a board? (apart from all the pads) thanks...

oneforward20back Mon 15-Jun-09 23:59:32

I would recomend Decathlon -its where we picked up an almost full size basic board fairly cheaply. It stands the usage of both ds (4) and his aunt. The later far funnier to watch grin They also have various sets of pads (job lot so no hunting).

There are many other suppliers so shop around but have a look. We got a blue one with a boy skate boarding on bottom if it helps you id a starting point board here and pads here. The chain have stores in many countries.

PLus you might want to look into a helmet if she is fearless

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