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ds wants to make a website

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mimsum Sat 16-May-09 20:01:48

DS2 (9) and his friend want to make their own website. Can anyone recommend any child-friendly resources to help them? They're both v bright and sort of geeky (in an endearing way wink) but obviously not up to decoding stuff that's too complicated


Doodle2U Sat 16-May-09 20:03:36

I used this the other night and had a page up and published within about 5 minutes!

thirtypence Wed 20-May-09 07:52:34

Ds used and made a website in around an hour. He updates every now and then with the interesting facts about his life. hmm

I didn't let him put any identifying details or an email link on his site - at 6 he does not need 50 emails a day offering to extend his penis.

mimsum Wed 20-May-09 19:42:03

thanks both - will have a look

I'm trying to get ds to think carefully about exactly what he wants to put on his site - at the moment he has a vision of something like a combination of club penguin and lego - but better grin I think I need to lower expectations ...

skramble Fri 22-May-09 00:56:54

My DS age 12 and DD age 9 both made websittes using Moonfruit, easy and has lots of templates that you can change to your hearts content.

DD has chickens you can make walk through fire on her welcome page and DS has links to his home videos.

semi Sat 11-Jul-09 08:26:19

Do you think a preschool kids club focused on technology would be a good idea? I am thinking of setting something up for both parents and kids at the weekend (initially)

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