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can you tell me all about Brownies please

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anniebear Fri 08-May-09 18:45:32

How much is it? any joining fee?

how much of the uniform do you have to have


brimfull Fri 08-May-09 18:48:51

you're probably too old


Macdog Fri 08-May-09 19:03:36

GirlGuiding website

Do you know where your local pack is?

purpleduck Fri 08-May-09 19:03:38

My dd just joined - £20 per term fee
here is their uniform website - up to you what you want - could prob get 2nd hand stuff

lljkk Fri 08-May-09 19:06:30

It's a secret cult, really. "Brown Owl" and "Snowy Owl", badges, promises, special books and sashes...

DD just started this week, btw. I found the room chock full of GIRL POWER to be quite overwhelming. The trips out and other extra-time activities may add up to a lot, too.
Ours costs £25/term, they do have spare uniform which we don't need until DD does her promise, which it was suggested should be after about 6 sessions.

anniebear Fri 08-May-09 19:06:50

far too old lol

I have had a look at the site, but it didnt tell me any fee's

frannikin Fri 08-May-09 19:13:36

Subs vary from pack to pack, some charge weekly, others termly. There are likely to a few extras for trips - these tend not to be compulsory in case you can't afford it but if you child really does want to go most Guiders will be sympathetic and work out a payment plan. In some areas it can be subsidised. The most expensive things will either be County events (can be up to £20/girl!) or camp.

Some packs insist on a certain item/amount of uniform - we used to say either the long-sleeved t-shirt or the short-sleeved. Gilets were discouraged, we found the hoodies more practical. Then they could choose from the trousers or the skort. The cycle shorts were rubbish quality and the leggings didn't wash well! We supplied a sash when they were enrolled (rather than pinning on the badge, we slipped the sash on, saved me many a bloody finger) with the pack name tag, promise badge, six and county badge stitched on already. Other packs let you buy as much as you want but we were in quite a mixed income area, some could only afford the t-shirt whereas others could have easily had the full wardrobe (and a couple of girls from the next pack over did have something for every season). We found limiting the amount of uniform to a complete summer and a complete winter outfit reduced rivalry among the girls.

We would also buy back uniform which was no longer needed either to growth spurts or leaving the unit.

bigTillyMint Fri 08-May-09 19:16:30

At my DD's, you don't pay a joining fee, but annual subs is £22 or so, and they take £1 a week.

If they go camping or on a special outing, you pay for it - camping's usually about £20 for a weekend. They don't have to do the camps though, if they don't want to!

scienceteacher Fri 08-May-09 19:30:39

Different packs have different arrangements. A lot depends on whether the subs include the annual census fee (the money that goes to run the larger organisation) - some spread it out over the year, others charge separately for it in February (ish).

Another thing that affects the cost is whether they have to pay for their hall or not.

Expect around £100 a year, plus the cost of uniform, outings and overnighters.

As for uniform, you need:

trousers (leggings or cargo pants)
cycling shorts or skort
sash or gilet (depending on the pack).

Kbear Fri 08-May-09 19:31:52

anniebear - Brownies is fabulous, the girls love it, they do loads of activities, trips, badges, fitness stuff, crafts and it's the place where friendships are made.

anniebear Fri 08-May-09 21:46:35

thanks everyone

Clary Fri 08-May-09 21:51:40

We love it. I think it's very good value (compared to many other clubs!)

Ours is £2/week for an hour and a half; the only bit of uniform you are obliged to have at our pack is the sash, but most of the girls have trousers/t-shirt etc as well.

Try for hand-ons - it doesn't get very worn and it's not cheap (nicer than years ago tho).

Frannikin buying back uniform from leavers is a good idea. grin

I luuuuurrrrve our Brown Owl!

Jux Fri 08-May-09 21:54:40

DD didn't get it really; went a few times but thought it was a load of nonsense. And the uniform is a vile ugly colourgrin

Hulababy Fri 08-May-09 21:55:10

My DD has just joined this term.

We paid £15 enrolement fee and £15 fr this term (5 days).

DD has done 3 weeks now and is really enjoying it. She has been working on a snakes and ladders game all about the environment and came home with a participation certificate this week. She also says they play games and sing songs.

skramble Sun 10-May-09 00:12:35

Ooh glad some one loves their Brown Owl!!!

You don't have to buy the trousers and all that. Usually the minimum is the t-shirt or long sleeved top, and perhaps the gilet or sash to put badges on but this is optional. We do expect at least the t-sirt so they are in uniform and are identifiable as Brownies.

As other have said subs vary greatly and some charge seperatly for the yearly 'census' others include this in subs, some charge a joining fee to cover the books and boxes they get as we can get girls joining getting all the stuff then leaving a month later when they decide it is not for them.

Holidays can cost from £25 for a local one, further away req buses etc will cost more. Out trip this year is costing £5.50, as we are doing our own transport.

The guiding association do state that they will not prevent a girl from taking part due to finacial contraints, so if money is a problem do talk to the guider in charge, often they will keep secong hand uniform etc.

The programme of activities can also vary a lot from pack to pack, depends on the skills of the leaders, some do loads of gmaes, or crafts, others do interest badges as a pack. I like to have a very varied programme and one week we might be doing a jelly babies them night the next working on our brownie traditions badge.

They should ba happy for your DD to go along for a couple of weeks to try it out and see if it is for her, don't buy any uniform straight away, until you are sure.

Clary Mon 11-May-09 20:27:24

skramble Brown Owl was DS2's teacher last year as well and she is so funny and brill.

She knows a lot of rather cheeky songs too grin

LIZS Mon 11-May-09 21:21:43

Ours is £2 per week subs or you pay per half term, no upfront fee iirc. Uniform only required by the time of enrolment - Tshirt , hoodie and leggings came to about £35 new, it is often on ebay but you have to be quick or prepared to pay high prices. Long weekend pack holiday is £80 this summer(at a pgl centre). dd was enrolled in February and has already done a badge and lots of crafts included in subs.

frasersmummy Mon 11-May-09 21:29:06

£80 for pack holiday??

how long are you away for ...???

That seems like a lot of money. The most we have charged is £30 but thats just friday to sunday

newpup Mon 11-May-09 21:38:16

Our pack holiday is £120!! But they are going for 3 days and staying in a wonderful manor house owned by the guiding association. They will swim, rock climb, horse ride etc and there is a chef on site, the rooms are ensuite as well!!

I have 2 Dds so it is expensive but they will have a ball .

The camp last year cost £50 for 2 nights but was not as exciting or glamourous!

LIZS Mon 11-May-09 21:38:38

It is Friday to Sunday but at an activity centre about an hour away with everything laid on. ds has been on similar with school and it was a lot more.

frasersmummy Mon 11-May-09 21:40:49

oh my goodness... we definately undercharge!!!

skramble Mon 11-May-09 23:02:17

If it is a basic pack holiday with own cooking a few crafts, team games and a waggle of a parachute then it will be closer to £30 -40 pounds plus transport depending on the venue. But any holiday with actvities that require a specialist instructor or equipment it will cost more.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Mon 11-May-09 23:28:31

We charge £20 subs and a £10 enrolment fee which goes some way towards paying for the Promise box, books and badges they receive when they make their Promise. We suggest that Brownies have one uniform top and trousers and the sash. When old Brownies donate used uniform, we sell it for £1 an item for pack funds. On Ebay it often seems to cost almost the new price, even when it's obviously tatty!

It's very thoughtful to provide sashes with badges already sewn on - I'll have to think about that one!

skramble Mon 11-May-09 23:39:35

What £20 for the year???

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Mon 11-May-09 23:50:49

Ooops. That could have been clearer. £20 a term. With £5 extra for paying late.

<<Don't mess with Brown Owl emoticon>>

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