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Guiders' staff room - tea, wine, chat and optional dancing around the toadstool

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MadBadandDangerousToKnow Tue 03-Mar-09 21:57:13

Thought it might be nice to have a place to swap ideas and experiences. Shall we do introductions first?

My name's MadBad and I've been a Brownie guider for about 5 years.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 20:38:55

That's why we need this thread!

I hadn't thought of taking instalments for Butlins. I've been pointing out how much they'll need to pay and when, but maybe they'd find it easier to hand the money over bit by bit instead of keeping it under the proverbial mattress. Mind you, I still haven't heard that we've definitely got the places.

And we're going to CP. I reckon that all these things are our pack holiday substitute.

SlightlyMadScotland Wed 04-Mar-09 20:40:19

I am not a leader i just have apair of brownies.

They have had a letter home saying that Wicksteed park will be closing down for the Brownies one day next year.

MuppetsMuggle Wed 04-Mar-09 20:40:56

question you wonderful ladies - i want to enrol my DD into rainbows, i've emailed the lady i think who deals with it and no response. I'm in Havant, Portsmouth. any advice thanks??

MaureenMLove Wed 04-Mar-09 20:42:05

I think it has to be paid by September, but Browe Owl and Kbear, who are in charge of their units, decided to get it all in before the summer holidays. September is always an expensive month for paying fees for various clubs.

What Division are you in?

MaureenMLove Wed 04-Mar-09 20:44:10

I would go to their meeting place and ask. Maybe she didn't get your e-mail or it has slipped her mind.

Alternatively, you could go to any of the Brownie or Guide units and get the number for the District Commissioner. She'll be able to give you phone numbers for all the Rainbow units in your immediate

MuppetsMuggle Wed 04-Mar-09 20:45:46

I'm not sure where our closest unit is. Is there a place i can find out??

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 20:47:38

Muppets - There's an online joining form here. That should get routed to your local unit. There's a text box where (I'm guessing) you could mention that you've had no response from one unit - but please remember that not all Guiders are very e-email minded and it may just be that she will reply in due course!

MuppetsMuggle Wed 04-Mar-09 20:48:29

thank you - I know she would love it

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 20:49:55

Maureen - Please excuse my neurosis but (especially after that other thread where I posted large chunks of the Manual) I'd rather not say where I'm from on a public forum. I'm happpy to chat at Butlins!

MaureenMLove Wed 04-Mar-09 20:59:32

No problem. We'll get in touch nearer the T'will be quite hilarious if we are very close to each other!grin

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 21:06:56

I'm beginning to think that we probably are!

MaureenMLove Wed 04-Mar-09 21:08:46

Well, I know you must be in my Region, since CP and Butlins are both regional do's, but London & South East is an awfully big place!

frasersmummy Wed 04-Mar-09 21:09:58

Tell me something ladies .... did we all pay the same amt in census ??

I have a feeling that at £21 we are paying a local premium...

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 21:11:35

<<Ransacks her files>>

I think we paid £18.

MaureenMLove Wed 04-Mar-09 21:12:56

Ours was £16 this year I think. Only £2 was coming back to Division.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 21:15:19

Yes, we did.

frasersmummy Wed 04-Mar-09 21:16:22

ha.. I knew our county was taking a fair chunk...

well when I am doing p/hol trg this weekend I shall be expecting a very nice lunch

MrsWeasley Wed 04-Mar-09 21:21:16

I'm a Brownie guider and have been for 6 years, I do sometimes help at a Rainbow unit too.

Census was £20 for us.

MaureenMLove Wed 04-Mar-09 21:34:38

Do you all pay for it out of subs? Or do you ask parents?

SlightlyMadScotland Wed 04-Mar-09 21:37:13

<As a parent ours was paid out of the gift aid that had been raised on teh subs I think>

frasersmummy Wed 04-Mar-09 21:38:28

we gift aid our subs and that usually more or less covers the census.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 21:52:40

We pay out of subs (which are set with that in mind) but the second thing I've learnt tonight is that we ought to get our gift aid sorted out. It had slipped off my to do list.

Frasersmummy - at all our trainings we have to supply our own lunch. envy

MrsWeasley Wed 04-Mar-09 21:55:24

What I ask what Subs you charge your girls?

We charge £10 per half term.

Census comes out of subs.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 04-Mar-09 22:08:51

We charge by the term but it's the same - £20. We don't charge extra for census but we do charge £12 joining fee to cover the cost of the Brownie box, Adventure and Badge books, Becoming a Brownie booklet, first badges etc. We have a very mobile population and high turnover, so before we introduced the joining fee we found that the cost of equipping new Brownies was making a massive hole in our finances.

Our other gambit is that we copy the local ballet school in charging extra for late payment of subs. I am patient and understanding up to a point, but when we're trying to plan a budget we need to get the subs in, to be sure of where we stand. And we'll be better off once we get our gift aid going, of course.

And may I ask your opinion on something different? I was mooching around ebay tonight when I found a seller - who says she is a Guider - selling some slightly damaged Brownie uniform trousers, a very worn (she admitted) t-shirt and a gilet for £25. As they would be £33 new, that seemed an awful lot. Do you agree? We sell nearly-new uniform (when Brownies donate it) for pack funds for about £2 an item. Or am I being silly and charging too little?

frasersmummy Wed 04-Mar-09 22:12:26

£10 per half term??? whats half a term

we charge £25 twice a year, at the start of and then just after christmas so that £50 a year.

We provide their badge book and adventure(on) books, all the other usual stuff and we pay the census from this plus our gift aid

We never have much money come the end of the year but we have always run on the basis that the parents pay the money expecting it to be spent on the girls not squirreled away

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