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Drama / acting for 7 year old

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LuisaM Sun 25-Jan-09 23:34:15

Can anyone recommend a class in West london for my son, pref not Stagecoach or Perform, more like youth theatre? We are in w10 smile

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 26-Jan-09 01:39:35

Message withdrawn

islandofsodor Tue 27-Jan-09 22:03:29

Have a look on They have alist of lots of amateur drama groups bith adult and youth.

Youth theatres generally don't offer classes but are more geared towards taking part in productions.

ladypinky Sun 01-Feb-09 15:05:13

Hi Luisa
Can I ask why not Stagecoach? I am considering it for DD so just curious why you are not considering it?

islandofsodor Sun 01-Feb-09 15:21:39

Stagecoach and a youth theatre offer entirely different things.

Stagecoach is basically a class. The children study acting techniques via drama games and excercises then atthe end of the term they put on a short presention to show whatthey have done in class.

A youth theatre puts on full scale productions. They audition for parts and it is run by a director (often voluntary) rather than a teacher. It often starts off once a week then rehearsals increase as the performance gets closer.

If you think of it in terms of singing it's like the difference between a having a singing lesson and being in a choir.

LuisaM Thu 05-Feb-09 18:36:22

We went to a local Stagecoach and it was just really formulaic and didnt seem to engage him. The class was enormous and he's quite shy, and also without wanting to sound churlish, the same all-singing all-dancing kids got the main parts in both productions he was involved in. Did a trial at Perform but found it so painfully right-on and the woman running it was pushing me to buy some cd...God, I sound very hard to please, I know lots of people love those groups, but I just thought youth theatre might be more invigorating and varied...

islandofsodor Fri 06-Feb-09 23:07:46

A youth theatre will most likely be much bigger groups of children (which is set at a maximum of 15) and often it is the same kids that get the parts all the time.

I have experience of both and I think both have their merits.

CatherineE Mon 17-Aug-09 12:33:03

I can offer a more 'wholesome' option if you can get to Southwark / London Bridge. I work for the Murphy Kidman Edwards Performing Arts Academy so can sort 'mates rates' for various people (and of course fellow MumsNet-ers are all mates! )

We like to think we have a good ethos, managing to combine a genuine, confidence building approach with the needs/demands of more ambitious students - everyone's different and our fabulous teacher really respects the need for different approaches.

Anyway, £40 per term (equivalent £4 per class) is what I can offer if you're after a great class with focus on both confidence and performance. We also have a talent agency attached so often get castings for our students too - if you like!

If interested, let me know!

C x

ShoveTheDailyMailUpYourFanjo Mon 17-Aug-09 12:42:52

You have to pay for adverts you know catherine - not just search for any random ancient thread that mentions drama and advertise on it hmm Funny how all your posts are about your drama school.

CatherineE Mon 17-Aug-09 12:57:12

Hiya Shove,
We do advertise and those parents pay £100 per term... Just trying to offer people (who are specifically asking, you'll note!) something different.
You'll also note that I do in fact post about other things. As I tell my son, blanket 'all' statements are almost always inaccurate - and he understands.
Anyone with the power to remove my comment is more than okay to do so - I do apologise if I have caused an issue!

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