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Are the 'disciplines'; of tap dancing and ballet compatible?

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maggiethecat Tue 13-Jan-09 00:21:09

DD1 has been doing ballet for a year and a half and has expressed an interest in tap. I'm considering letting her try it but wonder if there is likely to be any conflict between learning the two styles?

TeenyTinyToria Tue 13-Jan-09 00:23:17

Nope, the two are likely to be very useful, along with jazz, if she ever goes into dancing or acting in later life.

Even if she never uses it as part of a career, tap dance is great fun. It's a looser style than ballet, with bent knees and a free posture, but there shouldn't be any conflict.

zazen Tue 13-Jan-09 00:25:26

No I did Ballet, Tap and Contemporary - all were great in their own way and there was no 'dancing confusion'!

gigglewitch Tue 13-Jan-09 00:43:04

we teach both tap and ballet in the same lesson. they give the children an awareness of different qualities of movement, different forms of expression - and ultimately they're both enjoyable!

gigglewitch Tue 13-Jan-09 00:43:24

I'm a dance teacher btw grin

maggiethecat Tue 13-Jan-09 00:57:36

Wow! I was expecting to get responses tomorrow - are we a bunch of insomniacs?
Thanks for this - DD will try tap tomorrow and bcos she is such a chirpy, cheeky little thing I anticipate that she's going to have loads of fun!

maggiethecat Tue 13-Jan-09 01:05:34

sorry - I keep forgetting that MNters live all over!

gigglewitch Tue 13-Jan-09 01:10:48

yep some of us are Nocturnal wink
i live in england, just never sleep....

gigglewitch Tue 13-Jan-09 01:11:38

how old is your dd?

maggiethecat Tue 13-Jan-09 14:23:47

I'm not that nocturnal! - she's 5 and a half.

boccadellaverita Fri 16-Jan-09 23:56:59

My DD's a bit older (7) and started tap in September. She's been doing ballet since she was 3 and a bit. She's always loved the pink girliness of ballet but now says she prefers tap! They are different but complementary.

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