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It all starts again tomorrow....

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KerryMumbles Sun 04-Jan-09 22:39:14

The endless running around from here to there.

At least school doesn't start till Wednesday.

load Sun 04-Jan-09 23:56:27

I know what you mean Kerry. My kids do something every day (between them) except thursday, and dh has found a 'club' for ds to go to on a thursday. I have put my foot down as I am the one thats the 'taxi'

KerryMumbles Mon 05-Jan-09 00:15:07

it's really wearing isn't it. It's been fantastic to not have to run around like a lunatic for 2 whole weeks!

load Mon 05-Jan-09 00:30:22

I am so bloody pleased that I have no 'extras' until friday. Which begs the question, am I letting them do to much.
I will always remember dd (who is 14) when she started Secondary school, she moaned like heck that she hadn't been to Gym classes like her peers. No she hadn't but she was doing, piano, guitar, ballet, tap, modern, (the dance was in one block) Guides, swimming and diving. To say I called her ungrateful is an understatement.
She 'only' does, LifeGuards, Guides, Both Music lessons and Duke of Edinburgh now. All of which will be good for her 'C.V.' when it comes to Uni. Expensive! and time consuming when you also add on ds's extra-curric

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