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What activities would you recommend for a shy 5-year old?

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Boyswillbeboys Sat 04-Oct-08 12:26:36

Actually, he's probably more anti-social than shy! He loves his teachers and his older brother but doesn't seem to want friends his own age. He does judo at the moment which he seems to enjoy as it's just running about and playing really but I don't think he'll be so keen when it progresses to proper contact.

He's not interested in team sports such as football but I'd love him to do some sort of activity where he can make some friends. Any ideas?

chunkychips Sat 04-Oct-08 12:29:20

what about something like drama which might improve his social skills and increase confidence.

Group64 Sun 05-Oct-08 17:14:23


I teach a Creativity and Drama Class for 4-6 year olds at Group 64 in Putney every Monday form 4.15 to 5.15. We have a lovely group of children and play lots of games and use music and drama to tell stories and build confidence. Group 64 offers a free trial to make sure your child enjoys it. You can email them at

snice Sun 05-Oct-08 17:15:39

See if there is a local Beaver pack?troop? can't remember the correct term

madmummy4 Sun 05-Oct-08 17:52:43

Drama i sgood, but if he is too shy he will find it hard to take part I think, depend sif he is self consious.Beavers or cubs or whatever they callit may be more his cup of tea at the moment.I know my daughter wa shy and hated drama/stageschool.We took her to rainbows for a few months and she then went back about a year later and felt more comfortable.If someone is they they hate being the centre of attention.

McDreamy Sun 05-Oct-08 17:56:03

I would second Beavers

Unreal Tue 07-Oct-08 17:21:35

I'd go with Beavers.

Emarri Sun 12-May-13 19:24:41

Try a musical instrument because in the beginning itll allow him to be solitary but when he gets good enough hell be able to play in orchestras etc and make friends

lljkk Wed 15-May-13 18:38:20

Agree Beavers sounds ideal, but he's not 6 yet, is he? St. John's Ambulance Badgers would have him at 5.

Judo is brilliant, teaches him to handle conflict especially good if his instincts are not to interact.

Tell you what, my extra shy DD, only cared about 3 people in the world (me, DH, her brother) turned into ultra-confident constant activity girl by the time she was 8yo. But only really got going with any activities just before she turned 6yo.

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