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Perform drama workshops

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CountessDracula Tue 30-Sep-08 12:00:00


Anyone used them and have feedback?

CountessDracula Tue 30-Sep-08 12:10:03

oh and how much do they cost?
given it doesn't say I assume a lot

DD is 6 and is badgering me to go

bundle Tue 30-Sep-08 12:15:21

it was fairly pricey (but not as much as Stagecoach!) and imo was absolutely pants

dd1 (v confident and imaginative, in choir) was completely swamped by an overcomplicated plot for the drama they "performed" at the end of term, it had lots of french dialogue in it (she didn't do french at school) and the "helpers" put her in the wrong place in the lineup so her line was delivered at the wrong time angry which left her distressed and well more than a bit miffed.

In short, the teachers were rubbish, the age range was too wide to interest/engage all of them, the play they put on was really badly written.

I also couldn't stand the annoying level of "corporateness" incl. cd's to buy etc

Other friends swear by it - but they have different teachers/location. both dds now go to an afterschool club thing called Lemon Jelly which looks promising.

Pamina Tue 30-Sep-08 12:21:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pamina Tue 30-Sep-08 12:21:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessDracula Tue 30-Sep-08 12:21:48

As I expected

Anyone know of a decent one?
She is very keen to do it

CountessDracula Tue 30-Sep-08 12:23:57

this looks more like it

bundle Tue 30-Sep-08 12:26:37

that looks lovely!

i just looked up the lemon jelly site but it's under contstruction and has no list of where they work.

CountessDracula Tue 30-Sep-08 12:27:26

Yes I think I will try and sign her up for next yr

Jess2000 Fri 03-Oct-08 16:06:21

I'm amazed by this thread!

My ds has been going for two years and absolutely loves Perform! He's really developed over that time and his teachers at school think it's largely down to the games and exercises they do there for confidence building and social skills. He also loves the CDs and we have them on in the car all the time. I'm really glad we found Perform. It's professional, the teachers are brilliant and overall it wipes the floor with all the other kids' drama schools out there like stagecoach etc.

If you want to know what it's like why don't you go for a free trial session - they offer one to all kids.

ega Fri 03-Oct-08 16:32:30

Totally agree. My kids did Perform for 4 years, and now started Perform Plus last saturday and loved it.
At the risk of being rude Pamina. What planet are you living on?
Perform is so superior to everywhere else we tried. I'm also a school teacher, and really appreciate the educational content of the workshops too.
I agrees with last thread, go and try it and see your child's face when they leave the class. They love it!

MollieO Sat 04-Oct-08 16:55:21

My 4 yr old did a Perform 3 day course over the summer holidays and loved it. I was amazed how much they covered in 3 days and the preformance at the end was excellent. Unfortunately the after school classes are in places that we can't easily get to so I am looking at my ds joining a class at a local theatre school in Jan (now I know he has plenty of energy after starting in reception this term!).

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