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rainbows/brownies - what's it all about?

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jeangenie Thu 12-Jun-08 21:50:06

my DD can join rainbows if she wants...but I didn't grow up here and so have no idea what happens or what it's all about - is it religious for example? (we are not)

if anyone could bear to give me short precis I would be eternally grateful

she is not really a joiner inner so if she is enthusiastic I am keen to let her go, but not before I know a bt more...the woman who runs it is a vicar's wife and was talking about "promises" which tbh worried me a bit, but I am not really sure why


KatyMac Thu 12-Jun-08 21:53:15

"I Promise that I will do my best to love my God and to be kind and helpful"

Craft & cooking & being nice to each other & group games

DD loved it then did Brownies & is now a guide

Religion is very vague at her pack

misdee Thu 12-Jun-08 21:54:49

dd2 is a rainbow. its just craft activities and workign for badges. they made petal promises a little while ago, and dd2 one was helping with the animals at home.

dd1 does brownies and isnt really as into it as dd2, but likes going for the social side of it.

Tiggerish Thu 12-Jun-08 21:59:02

when can they join Rainbows?

is there an equivalent for boys? Is cubs the same sort of age?

jeangenie Thu 12-Jun-08 21:59:57

oh gosh - so they have to make that promise do they? I thought it might be something personal for each child...hmm, can't see DH letting her go if he hears that...he is very anti-religion...I'm a bit more laissez-faire but we do teach the kids to question the idea of One God and to be open minded about other religions so maybe it's not for us...the other bits do sound fun though


KatyMac Thu 12-Jun-08 22:00:35

5(ish) I think

Yes Cubs

But there other groups out there - I just can't think of any (& I like guiding)

Orinoco Thu 12-Jun-08 22:01:36

Message withdrawn

jeangenie Thu 12-Jun-08 22:01:53

i dunno - DD1 is just about to turn 6 and someone at school suggested it to me

Yurtgirl Thu 12-Jun-08 22:02:28

beavers is roughly equivalent to rainbows

cubs to brownies and scouts roughly the same age group to guides but I think for some reason the age groups are slightly different for girls and boys. I dont know why!

Also girls can join cubs and scouts if they are not wishing to be girly girls.

LaylaandSethsmum Thu 12-Jun-08 22:03:07

Rainbows is fun though! How much would a muttered promise really mean to your 5 yr old? My DD loves rainbows, they do lots of craft stuff go for walks play on the park, it gives her the chance to meet kids she wouldn't otherwise meet.

Orinoco Thu 12-Jun-08 22:03:11

Message withdrawn

KatyMac Thu 12-Jun-08 22:03:31

I think 'love my god' is quite inclusive tbh - if you don't have one it isn't going to hurt her to promise that - just explain it for people who do

jeangenie Thu 12-Jun-08 22:04:18

is it VERY girly? she is not and plays mostly with boys but while I feel no urge to turn her too girly I don't think 'twould do her any harm to play with girls...those boys can be very rough at times...although they are also very kind of course...

misdee Thu 12-Jun-08 22:06:14

yes it states NT god, not just God.

dd's sessions are held at the local church and they are encourgaed to go to special services there as well. we arent religious at all, but its something dd's enjoy and thyey are showing an interest in lots of different religions.

jeangenie Thu 12-Jun-08 22:07:40

yes, it does sound inclusive in a way - it's not JUST a christian organisation is it? I don't think it would mean a jot to DD1 to say those words but her father would find it very troublesome...I think it is also the fact that the group is run or led or whatever you might call it by the vicar's we'd be a bit nervous she'd be "spreading the word" so to speak. (No offence to any "believers" here at all btw)

Orinoco Thu 12-Jun-08 22:08:04

Message withdrawn

jeangenie Thu 12-Jun-08 22:10:01

oooh - you see she'd love both of those - she loves a bit of rough and tumble AND is very arty too!

MrsWeasley Thu 12-Jun-08 22:18:30

I help at Rainbows and it is all about having a bit of fun they do say the promise but we have girls who beleive in different things. We do not make the girls do anything they dont want to do and "love my god" can mean lots of different things to different people ie being helpful, looking after the planet, etc. It is worded as love MY god to enable it to mean differnt things to different people.

They go from 5-7 years then if spaces available they go to Brownies.

Speak to the leader and ask if your DD can give it a try. Talk to her about the aspect of the promise that makes you uncomfortable but give her time to research and respond.

The important thing is that your DD wants to go IMO.

MadBadandDangeroustoKnow Thu 12-Jun-08 22:23:28

OK. Will nail my colours to the mast as a Brownie leader.

The Brownie Promise says

I promise that I will do my best, to love my God, to serve the Queen and my country, to help other people and to keep the Brownie Guide law.

There is much more information on Guiding is not a Christian organisation - we promise to love our god, whoever that might be - but it has a spiritual dimension. We encourage the girls to think about their place in the world, the values by which they live and so on. Recently, our pack has been using the resource pack on children's rights, produced by girlguiding uk.

As Orinoco says, packs do vary in character. It depends on the experiences and interests of the leaders and what facilities or resources are nearby.

The Woodcraft Folk offers broadly similar activities in a secular environment.

cat64 Thu 12-Jun-08 22:25:50

Message withdrawn

MadBadandDangeroustoKnow Thu 12-Jun-08 22:26:39

Good for you, Mrs Weasley. smile

We need more volunteers - there are 50,000 girls around the country waiting to join Rainbows, Brownies and Guides because we're short of volunteers and can't expand.

MrsWeasley Thu 12-Jun-08 22:31:11

Right back at you MadBadandDangeroustoKnow wink

I am a Brownie leader too but help at Rainbows it the leaders are stuck!

jeangenie Thu 12-Jun-08 22:33:26

thanks you guys - am much better informed now - will talk to leader as tactfully as I can and see how we go from there

I would like DD to get involved in something and if this is that thing well that's great


MadBadandDangeroustoKnow Thu 12-Jun-08 23:16:01

Mrs Weasley - respect! grin

SlartyBartFast Thu 12-Jun-08 23:32:29

don't forget
To Serve My queen and country

rainbows is good as is brownies. they can join beavers cubs if they wanted, but the boys cannot join rainbows

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