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Anyone else's DC applying for RCM junior programme in the coming weeks?

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elevenfuss Mon 28-Jan-19 10:26:22

My DDs are going to have a go. They are roughly within the expected parameters for their age and stage (Just 11 and almost 9), and we think they'd love what the RCM programme offers but it is probably a bit of a long shot to be honest so we're encouraging them just to enjoy the experience and hold it all very lightly. Just wondering if anyone else out there has experience of the auditions process?

Thanks in advance

dancemom Mon 28-Jan-19 10:29:41

Yes! Dad has applied and has an audition and interview but no dates as yet - trying to keep it light and breezy but she's nervous!

dancemom Mon 28-Jan-19 10:29:56

Dd not dad!

elevenfuss Mon 28-Jan-19 10:34:12

Great! What instrument?

It is nerve-wracking!! I'd never have been able to do it...

dancemom Sun 03-Feb-19 18:17:26

Flute and piano
Audition and interview week after next ...

sunnyflowergarden Mon 11-Feb-19 18:50:45

Hi elevenfuss and dancemom!
I have applied for audition for my DD but no dates yet.
We went for the open day and she loved the atmosphere.
It’s hard to say if DD’s got what they looking for but we will never find out if we don’t try.

dancemom Wed 13-Feb-19 16:41:28

Dd had hers today, she thought the interview and tests went well but unsure on her performances - she thought the assessor didn't like her!

She should find out in the next 2 weeks or so

Luckyfab Wed 13-Feb-19 16:48:24

@dancemom good luck to yr DD
I applied for my Dd but no audition date yet.
How long in advance had they replied
To you with the date?

dancemom Wed 13-Feb-19 16:53:17

She got about 2 weeks notice of the audition but waited weeks for the email co firming she had an audition.

Mitsouko67 Sat 16-Feb-19 10:40:05

DS2 is doing RIAM auditions during midterm next week for recorder, trumpet and trombone. No luck last year. I think we have a better chance this year. He's 10. I think if he doesn't get it this year that'll be it.Fingers crossed.

He is studying music elsewhere so will keep going with that if he doesn't get in.

If he does get in he would be studying 2 instruments. Hmm, we'll see what happens.

Luckyfab Sun 24-Feb-19 13:44:53

Hi, DD will audition at JD at the end of March? Any tip?
She will be playing grade 6pieces which at the mom are still "working in progress" . Her teacher is confident they will be ready by then but I m not so sure.

WalkieChalkie Mon 25-Feb-19 13:00:45

Hi I am considering an application to RAMJD for my DD. Those who have applied recently, have you needed a teacher's reference to apply? I ask because DD's teacher doesn't approve of JD's so won't willingly want to give a reference. Also is there a payment involved to audition?

Luckyfab Mon 25-Feb-19 13:19:11

We did not apply for RAM but Guildhall and RCM. We had to pay £40 to each JD and no reference from teacher was requested.

WalkieChalkie Mon 25-Feb-19 16:39:08

Thanks Lucky, I think we may put an application in then.

sunnyflowergarden Mon 04-Mar-19 16:14:01

Still no dates, starting to worry.
Did you all receive the dates for your child’s audition for RCM and RAM?

sunnyflowergarden Mon 04-Mar-19 16:17:12

Dancemom, Have you got the results yet?

NeleusTheStatue Mon 04-Mar-19 21:26:00

Hi sunnyflowergarden. Mine auditioned a couple of years ago. I submitted the application in early February, and he was called for the first round of the audition at the very end of March. So I won't be worried about the date still not fixed. But you may want to call or email them if you like to make sure? Have you received a confirmation email of the recipient of the application?

sunnyflowergarden Mon 04-Mar-19 21:50:28

Thanks NeleusTheStatue. Yes, I did receive the confirmations. Will wait to the end of this week if still not received will probably email them.

NeleusTheStatue Mon 04-Mar-19 22:33:20

Good luck! smile

Luckyfab Tue 05-Mar-19 11:15:22

I applied for my daughter beginning of February and I have not yet received the audition date yet.
The email said: For auditionees whose applications are received between Thursday 25 January and our 1 March application deadline, auditions will be held between Monday 19 March and Thursday 19 April

Luckyfab Tue 05-Mar-19 11:18:29

I was curious so I called the RCM and I was told the audition dates will be communicated on 9th March.
Good luck!!!!!

Luckyfab Sun 31-Mar-19 11:37:33

How did the auditions go?
Have you got the results yet? If yes, how long after the audition day?

sunnyflowergarden Tue 09-Apr-19 15:27:31

We have the result from RAM in one week time. Unfortunately it’s NO sad
Still waiting on RCM from 20th March.
Have you got a good news?

Luckyfab Thu 11-Apr-19 12:51:41

@sunnyflowergarden Hi, my Dd auditioned at Gh and we got a reply after 2 days and was a no sad, she also auditioned at RCM on 2nd April and like you no reply yet. Good luck to your DD

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