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Swimming with a cold

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OhGoshNearlyForty Sat 19-Jan-19 20:52:19

Do your kids do this?

DS has had a cold on and off since October. I've been letting him swim. Should I be doing this? I've been told people don't t let their kids swim when they have a cold, and am now feeling bad I have (not really for DS, he seems fine, but in case of spread to other kids). However, he swims 3 to 5 times a week, so if I'd kept him off since October, thats a whole lot of swimming to miss out on?

What do your kids do? Is there a difference in the etiquette of this between swim lessons (stages) and swim clubs? (I had heard most coaches don't accept a cold as an excuse not to swim?)

Thanks for your thoughts!

BeautifulPossibilities Sat 19-Jan-19 20:53:53

We do. Otherwise child would never be in the pool in the winter. Not majorly bad, proper dying colds

Madcats Sun 20-Jan-19 12:19:16

My daughter swims 5 times/week. She is rarely ill (and then it is minor).
If she did have a temperature/seriously chesty cough such that she found breathing difficult I'd let her rest up.

Just before Christmas, when she had a cough that I thought might go to her chest, Neal's Yard sold me some Elderberry syrup. She says it tastes horrid, but it seemed to do the trick.

Hope your son gets better soon and make sure he sleeps well between swim sessions

screamuntilthewarisover Sun 20-Jan-19 12:51:41

If my daughter had a basic cold and feels up to it she can swim. If she has a fever or isn’t feeling great she can stay home.

My daughter swims minimum 5 times a week so can’t afford to miss sessions. She has asthma to so need to be careful with her. We’re just extra cautious after swimming with drying her hair.

binkybea Sun 20-Jan-19 12:54:10

Our swimming teacher suggested that it is ok to swim with a cold if it is mainly nose based but if it is chesty not to. smile

OhGoshNearlyForty Sun 20-Jan-19 12:58:39

Thanks! Good to know it's ok! He went swimming yesterday and today and always seems better after his swims when he has a cold!

Madcats Sun 20-Jan-19 13:43:51

Forgot to mention that coming home wearing hat and gloves is non-negotiable at this time of year!

MeetOnTheledge Sun 20-Jan-19 14:03:18

Mine usually swims through unless she feels tough/chesty, but if she has any sinus pain she stays away as tumble turns really aggravate it. She never blowdries her hair (waist length) - I don't think it makes the slightest bit of difference, gloves and hats are entirely up to her snd how she feels too.

billybagpuss Sun 20-Jan-19 14:07:23

General rule for all exercise if it’s above the neck it’s ok if it’s on the chest don’t do.

However if he’s swimming that much and the colds are pretty constant I would maybe think about a few days off to let him recover.
Maybe over half term when he should be able to relax all round.
And yes hat and gloves def non negotiable.

binkybea Sun 20-Jan-19 15:48:00

Ours never wear hats/ gloves after & we have been going for ten years grin

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