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January to March 2019 music thread (Title edited by MNHQ)

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CruCru Mon 14-Jan-19 09:46:20

Hi all

Here is the new music thread for January - I hope no one minds me starting it.

I am mum to a son (7) who is learning the piano and trumpet and a daughter (5) who is learning the piano and violin. I am having piano lessons and played the trumpet as a child.

Some of the people on these threads (and their children) are fantastic musicians. Some are more like me. All are welcome.

Thank you to Wafflenose for all the time she has spent managing these threads.

BBLY Sun 31-Mar-19 07:15:17

Luckyfab, hi. we’ve only had it on Friday, so no feedback yet.

Luckyfab Sun 31-Mar-19 07:43:46

@BBLY my DD auditioned yesterday at GH, the mum of the girl who auditioned before my Dd said that once the audition was over one of the examiner would come out to give us detailed feed backs. In our case the examiner came out but did not say much so I was wondering if it could be a good or a bad sign. I guess I just need to wait smile
Good luck to all the young musicians on their auditions.

Doubleup Sun 31-Mar-19 08:41:53

Yay, another budding bassoonist! Excellent exam result too 4strings!
Good luck with the audition results for those that have had those recently.

BBLY Sun 31-Mar-19 09:07:19

Luckyfab Haha that’s so confusing! It’s really just a game of wait and see now. Good luck to your dd x

Mendingfences Sun 31-Mar-19 10:16:00

Excellent exam result!
I dont have any real tips for performance anxiety apart from as much performance as possible in different settings until og becomes less of a 'thing'
On other news im playing a triangle solo later today grin

Doubleup Sun 31-Mar-19 10:37:16

A big solo Mending? Is there much repertoire for triangle? 😁

4strings Sun 31-Mar-19 10:58:40

I’ve just discovered that dd appears to have taken the sight reading book home that was used in her audition 😬 I can’t remember ever buying it.

Yesterday I had to make two trips to music centre for stuff she’d forgotten and needed.

11 year olds - argh!

Mendingfences Sun 31-Mar-19 11:19:56

4 whole bars double grin
Before the euphonium solo starts, slightly complicated by the fact that the euphonium player can't hear the triangle even with his hearing aids.....

SwayingInTime Sun 31-Mar-19 19:14:21

We used to have seasonal threads rather than monthly.

Great results for everyone. 4strings does your daughter want to do three instruments at specialist school?

Re. trembling legs, my daughter gets trembling hands but focuses on the fact that they stop trembling as soon as she starts playing (obviously!) so tries to acknowledge it and accept the nerves in the run up. She's had some meditation classes and would love to go more but timings are tricky. It's a very useful skill for soloists though I think.

thirdfiddle Mon 01-Apr-19 14:46:26

Hope your starring role went well mending! I'll go and start a summer term thread then if that's okay.

thirdfiddle Mon 01-Apr-19 15:10:31

How's this?

SlaaartyBaaardFaaast Sun 14-Apr-19 16:01:50

How quick is the turnaround for the ABRSM piano results this spring? Did you have to wait long between exam and online results?

I took mine on Friday (out of session) but I suspect Easter may delay them.

QueenMabby Wed 24-Apr-19 16:30:47

SlaaartyBaaardFaaast my daughter took an ABRSM piano exam on 3rd April and we’ve not heard yet...

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