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January to March 2019 music thread (Title edited by MNHQ)

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CruCru Mon 14-Jan-19 09:46:20

Hi all

Here is the new music thread for January - I hope no one minds me starting it.

I am mum to a son (7) who is learning the piano and trumpet and a daughter (5) who is learning the piano and violin. I am having piano lessons and played the trumpet as a child.

Some of the people on these threads (and their children) are fantastic musicians. Some are more like me. All are welcome.

Thank you to Wafflenose for all the time she has spent managing these threads.

Mitsouko67 Fri 29-Mar-19 23:50:17

Lovely. Congrats 4 strings!

MeltingWax Fri 29-Mar-19 14:39:16

Are you in the UK coffee? It hasn't been 4 weeks yet. Theory results usually get released 4 weeks to the day after the exam - which will be next Wednesday.

CoffeeTeaChocolate Fri 29-Mar-19 13:53:53

Well done to all the great results!!!

We are biting our nails here...DD desperately wants to do Grade 6 violin, but we need the theory pass at least first

ZakStarkey Fri 29-Mar-19 13:44:33

Aww well done to your dd 4Strings and to your milkwithonesugar

Lotsofmilkonesugar Fri 29-Mar-19 12:58:47

Amazing mark 4strings! 🌟 and good luck tocoffee
We have heard DS2 passed his grade 1 clarinet...proud of him as he was very nervous but got through it. DS1 and DD have their exams in the coming week 🤞I predict a weekend of grumpy scale practise!

4strings Fri 29-Mar-19 12:44:52

Thanks 😊

Her teacher is desperate to know where the five marks are that she lost grin

RomanyQueen1 Fri 29-Mar-19 12:42:57

Absolutely brilliant 4strings

I imagine that will be a welcome distraction atm. grin
Thinking about you x

4strings Fri 29-Mar-19 12:39:08

Exam result in from an exam on 19th March. Dd1 got a whopping 145 in her grade 1 bassoon! It’s her third instrument and has only been playing a year - I cannot wait to tell her!!!!!

CoffeeTeaChocolate Fri 29-Mar-19 12:37:23

Hi Everyone.... are we the only ones anxiously waiting for Grade 5 theory results... I keep chasing our poor teacher to log on and check (I know it “only” has been just over 4 weeks...but, but)

RomanyQueen1 Thu 28-Mar-19 20:19:51

Fingers crossed and best of luck to those waiting for results, either exams, or auditions.
I'm looking forward to hearing one of my favourite pieces of music played by dd ensemble this weekend. My mother's Day treat grin
She has just had assessments, have no idea how they went, but she wasn't disappointed.
Dh has lots of work but it's stuff he returns from rather than touring and over nights. Although the Hilton in Belfast was nice apparently grin
I guess this is part of the life, and those kids who stick at it and choose music, their future life. star

Spaceace Thu 28-Mar-19 00:26:52

That's really helpful - thank you, @NeleusTheStatue. Is your DS there now? And does he like it?

Also do you know how many are in the junior department altogether? Wiki says 300 but, looking at the references, that seems to be based on an old article from 2008 and I couldn't find anything current on their website.

Sorry for all the questions!

NeleusTheStatue Wed 27-Mar-19 14:05:21

Suppose it varies year to year but for the year DS auditioned (only a couple of years ago), I think they said they had 350 or so candidates and 60 or so got an offer. I don't know more details, sorry.

Spaceace Wed 27-Mar-19 13:44:05

Hello music parents! Good luck to all those doing JD auditions or waiting for results. Does anyone know how many places RCM offers on it's junior programme each year? I guess it depends on instrument but wondered if there was an overall figure available anywhere, or breakdown figures for each instrument. Any intel much appreciated!

Mitsouko67 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:38:20

I couldn't agree more.

DS 1 had a lot of setbacks on the way and there were times when it seemed crazy to push him to continue. Now he is really enjoying his music and branching out in new directions.
That has given us all a lift and we enjoy and celebrate each concert, inviting relatives, nice meal afterwards etc We all feel good about it.

DS 2 auditioned for RIAM in Dublin. If he doesn't get in we'll keep trying while exploring other avenues.He's doing the uileann pipes elsewhere and doing well.

One mum I met recently told me her DS got in on his fourth attempt.

zeemama Mon 25-Mar-19 10:27:22

@neleus thanks so much and you are totally right, I tell ds just being in a position to audition at these wonderful places is something he should see as both achievement and encouragement no matter the outcome as he’s so young. Can only get better. Hands only get bigger and everything in its time.

NeleusTheStatue Mon 25-Mar-19 10:07:30

Good luck to all the young auditionees. It may feel like be-all and end-all when you want something so badly, but once it's done it'll quickly be a thing of the past, as anything is just one of many ways to realise your dream and soon you'll find something else to fill the gap. So..., if you get in, great, but if you couldn't, that's also fine! It'll be absolutely fine. smile

We are having a few last minute concerts. One was done last week and two more this week. I hope DS remembers to brush his hair before going on the stage...

zeemama Mon 25-Mar-19 09:36:56

@mitsouko67 hope you hear soon! Where did ds audition?

zeemama Mon 25-Mar-19 09:35:50

Thanks @Moo, @Neleus and @disorganised. Ds’ JG audition is next Tuesday and just hope we won’t have to wait too long to hear.. think I’m way more nervous than him. He’s also scheduled for primary academy the following week but less keen to go there.. exciting month coming up! @4strings hope you get good news soon!! The wait must be the hardest. Mine also wishes to go to music specialist school but want him to do the JD first for a while as only in yr 5.. fingers crossed for all!

Mitsouko67 Mon 25-Mar-19 09:23:26

No news from DS2s audition. Ah well.

DS1 has announced he wants to join a band. We're delighted. He wants a bass guitar he says!! He mentioned there is a girl in the band. Shades of Sing Street the movie if anyone's seen it.

disorganisedmummy Sun 24-Mar-19 17:31:13

Keeping everything crossed for you 4string. Ds auditioned for Junior Guildhall last October. He didn't get in but the experience was amazing and he got some fantastic feedback. He was invited back 2 months later which would have been last month but he's decided to go away and work solidly on his technique and re auction perhaps next year. He wants to be working towards his G8 violin by then.

Mendingfences Sun 24-Mar-19 15:34:30

School uniform has an advantage - kid has black shoes. Dd1 is now going on stage in her sisters shoes, still not black but distinctly less shouty than the rainbow glitter dog Martens she was planning on wearing.......

Hertsessex Sun 24-Mar-19 14:21:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lotsofmilkonesugar Sun 24-Mar-19 10:14:42

DD off to the NYOinspire day in London today, anyone else going? 🙂

NeleusTheStatue Sat 23-Mar-19 11:12:50

Also, I would like to stress that it doesn't mean you are not good enough if you couldn't get in. They can't take all the promising children simply because the limitation of the space. It's all about availability and luck to certain extent.

I'm saying this as I know at least two young musicians who were turned down by RCMJD but later joined a top music school where the competition of the ently is even higher. Perhaps they weren't developed enough at the time of the audition, or just had bad day or could be pure bad luck.

Especially if you pass the first round, it really means you are as good as those who pass the second round!

Moominmammacat Sat 23-Mar-19 10:46:11

Mine auditioned for JRAM and JG ... nothing to worry about, they're very nice to them. If they're good enough, they'll get in, if they prefer someone else they won't!

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