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Gymnastics - Club Grades vs Compulsory

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StarUtopia Fri 04-Jan-19 22:31:26

Are there any gym mums out there who can enlighten me further as to the difference?

Am I right in thinking that if you're only asked to do Club Grades, the club generally don't think you're that talented?

Or is is just a different pathway that is fluid and could cross over at a later date?

Heard both versions. Interested in others views.

minisoksmakehardwork Thu 10-Jan-19 13:14:35

I only have recreational gymnasts and they don't do compulsory grades. They work on the BGA proficiencies instead. The various 'squad' gymnasts all have compulsory grades so I suspect you are correct.

That said, our club also has annual tryouts for anyone of certain birth years to move into squads so if they are good enough, they will be spotted and moved at that point.

My youngest dd tried out this year and while she didn't move into any of the development or other squads, quite a few of her group did.

Guiloak Sun 13-Jan-19 20:11:09

You can move from compulsory to club grades but not the other way round. The bottom compulsory grade is about the same level and maybe a bit higher than the tone the the club grades. Club grades are fun a few hours a week training, compulsory hard work training 20+ a week.

Isadora2007 Wed 16-Jan-19 09:32:59

I think there are two levels between club and compulsory- the regional and national levels. Compulsory is the top and must be done in age in order to be deemed elite. It can be done out of age.
But yeah- I guess a child in a club that DOES offer all levels (often the local authority run clubs will only do club/BG award level due to the level of ability of the coach) offering club level does likely mean they don’t see a level of talent for gymnastics in that child. Sorry.

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