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What age are kids picked for competitive gymnastics?

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IBSworriescanitbe Sat 15-Dec-18 19:59:09

My daughter is five and has been doing gymnastics for a year. Would she have been selected for more training by now do you think? She is strong and flexible but with one hour a week in a big class doesn't seem to be getting very far! She was one of the best in her winter performance and she is so keen, but don't want to be THAT mother and ask if they rate her!

catkind Sat 15-Dec-18 23:06:32

At our gym they moved a few to a 1.5 hr class in year 1, then the best of those were quickly shunted to a 2 hour class with a view to getting into competitive training squads. (Not mine, she tried 1.5 hours and found it too much like hard work!) That's just one setup though.

I think there was a lot of practising at home going on too of course, we're talking kids who do splits for fun. Is yours one of those?

I think it would be fine to talk to her coach, ask how she's getting on, say she's really enjoying it and ask if there might be opportunities to do more, that wouldn't even have to mean squad they could have holiday courses or something.
Or if that feels too pushy you could ask if there's anything particular she could practise at home.

Guiloak Tue 18-Dec-18 09:01:23

Squads for artistic gymnastics usually selected at age 5, my DD was aged 6 and considered late although she did end up the elite level. Some clubs do trials others just spot and select. What they are looking for is flexibility, focus, neat movements (this Is very important), and to learn new moves quickly. Different clubs will spot different girls as coaches have different preferences. Other types of gym are selected later often such as team gym, tumbling and Acro 6-7 years.

bombaychef Mon 24-Dec-18 19:21:58

5 in our area. Sometimes age 4. I’d just ask personally.

Onatreebyariver Thu 10-Jan-19 13:27:20

My son is 6 and has just been asked to train for 2 hours a week instead of 1 hour a week. They haven’t asked any younger children just him and some other 6-7 year olds (boys tho so maybe different?)

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