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October Music Thread

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Wafflenose Mon 01-Oct-18 22:17:41

Welcome to the thread for October, which is open to ANYONE who wants to discuss music lessons, practice, exams, auditions, instrument hire/ purchase or whatever related issues you'd like to. Newbies are especially welcome, and we have some each month, often with beginners. All of our kids were beginners once.

I have two DDs. Goo is 12 and plays the flute and piano. She can also play recorders and the piccolo, but doesn't. We've just moved her to another piano teacher because the first one retired, so it's nice to hear her practising again. She has been learning for about 2.5 years and hasn't done any exams... nor is she intending to. On the flute we have extended range scales, the Chaminade Concertino and Bizet's Carmen Fantasy at the moment. She plays in 7 school ensembles and does NCO and South West Music School, although she's likely to be leaving both at various points during this academic year.

Rara is 10 and plays the cello and clarinet regularly, and recorder sometimes. She's vaguely working towards Grade 5 on both, but it might end up being 4 on the cello because of various aspects she's behind in... we'll see. I am still teaching her the clarinet and am currently super fed up because however kind, patient and helpful I am, she behaves in such a horrible way. We can't afford lessons. Ho hum. Rara also does NCO and SWMS. Under 11s will be beyond her, but she'll carry on with SWMS for now.

I am a teacher of woodwind!

folkmamma Mon 01-Oct-18 22:45:46

Thank you Waffle as always for the new thread.

I have Noo (11), studying violin and viola at JD, piano and (as of September!) singing outside of JD. She is also hooked on musical theatre and has a few professional productions on her cv. We are taking a break from NCO this year as she is settling in to Y7 and JD, but will do Pro Corda again. We have just chosen/purchased a lovely 3/4 size violin, although she will have to wait a little longer to use it as her new teacher wants to keep her on the half a few more months.

Moll (8) plays cello and piano. Will prob do G3 on cello and 2 on piano this academic year. She's quite a challenge! Moll also loves MT and embarks upon rehearsals for her first professional production this month. I am keeping everything crossed that she holds it together and actually makes it onto the stage!!!

I play violin and sing mostly, but in a former life also clarinet. And I did my G1 piano at the same time as Noo 2 years ago. Must get back to it

Love this thread and its members, old and new! It moves fast but I hope we can continue to all support each other, beginners and advanced alike.

se22mother Mon 01-Oct-18 23:07:39

Thanks for the new thread waffle. I have a ten year old dd who plays violin, Clarinet and sings. Not forgetting that she loves messing about on piano for fun. Like Noo dd adores Pro Corda, and plays in various ensembles. No exams this term but we at preparing for school entrance exams and scholarships. Some days the audition pieces sound amazing, and then when I think we have made progress the next day will see dismal playing.

Crazygirlmama Tue 02-Oct-18 06:19:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Trumpetboysmum Tue 02-Oct-18 06:35:16

Thanks for the recommendation crazy - I’ll try and have a listen
Thanks for the new thread waffle .
I have 2 Dcs Ds who plays trumpet and piano and is 13 and dd who’s 10 and plays piano and cornet . They both also love singing - especially dd! She’s really into musical theatre and is in a play commemorating the end of WW1 this month so that should be interesting .
Ds is incredibly busy playing the trumpet and so doesn’t have time for much else !! He’s a member of AYM and NCO under 13s he’s auditioning for main orchestra this month . He also joined a brass band this year which he loves and so has a very busy few months of concerts coming up with them . He also spends a lot of his time at school playing in various ensembles . He’s sort of working towards doing his grade 8 but is mainly enjoying playing lots of different repertoire. Dd is taking her grade 2 cornet this term I think .

Mendingfences Tue 02-Oct-18 07:13:38

Thanks for the new thread (although i am in denial about it being october already!)
I have dd1 (12) who plays violin and studies at our JD equivalent and also plays piano. dd2 (10) who plays flute and double bass, she is in a music extension/talent program (auditioned on flute last year and was invited to take her double bass along aswell this year). Finally ds is 8 and plays drums (kit and hand drums mainly) and piano.
We live in rural scandinavia so no nco or the likes and long journeys to musical activities but plenty of space so practise noise doesnt disturb the neighbours!

Floottoot Tue 02-Oct-18 07:21:38

Waffle, the Chaminade holds such happy memories for me - I loved playing it as a child, it was my party piece. 😃 Have you heard back from the examining board now? Naughty of them to take so long.

I have DS, 12, who is a cellist. He's been playing nearly 4 years and this is his second year as a music scholar at a cathedral school. He plays in 4 school ensembles and sings in their chamber choir ( compulsory), and also plays in the county youth orchestra. He's working towards grade 7... but there's the small matter of grade 5 theory to pass next month first!! He's also been learning piano for a year and is taking grade 2 next month.

DD is nearly 15. She started singing lessons last year, to go with her love of drama. She's desperate to have drum lessons but there just aren't enough hours in the day now she's starting GCSEs. She has ADHD, so needs quite a lot of hands on support from us

DH and I are both professional orchestral musicians ( percussion and flute, respectively). We met while working together. 😍 I suspect it's both a blessing and a curse for our DCs. 🤣🤣🤣

PatricksViolin Tue 02-Oct-18 08:13:55

Thank you for the new thread, Waffle. It's so nice to have the monthly report of everyone. We will probably get confused who is doing what soon though, as so many things happen and discussion moves crazily fast! Then we'll be reminded who is who again at the beginning of the next month. grin

I have DS (11) who plays violin and piano. He's started new school as a weekly boarder so all the music lessons and practice happen at school now. I have't met/talk/email with his new teachers so sadly I know very little what he is doing musically. At least I know he is going to audition for NCO U12 this month though! He said he's got two pieces for the audition so I am going to ask him to play for me next weekend (assuming they'll be ready soon, I mean they have to be ready soon!).

He joined jd last year thinking to stay there till 18yo but as the schedule clashes with new school he has to leave after this term. We love jd and people there so don't want to think it'll end very soon. He has his violin teacher at school and piano teacher at school AND jd - confusing arrangement but seems working somehow.

horseymum Tue 02-Oct-18 08:29:59

I never manage to keep up with this but will attempt! DS 13 plays piano, DD 11 plays oboe, piano and recorders. She is doing grade 4 piano this term and NYO audition on oboe. DD 2 (8) does piano and is longing to do bassoon. She is doing grade 1 piano this term now she had decided that she is actually willing to sing in front of her teacher ( so hopefully the examiner too!) I play double bass and used to play classical guitar. I tried some of my guitar pieces I did for music at school and realised I must have been a lot better then ( they were around grade 8) and done so much practice! I really struggled to play them now. Would love the time to play more, maybe when I retire!

MeltingWax Tue 02-Oct-18 08:35:08

Thank you for the new thread waffle.

I have DD aged 11 (Year 7) and DS aged 9 (Year 5).

DD has been playing the piano for about 2.5 years and is currently preparing for Grade 4. She has also been playing the cello and the recorder since January. She is playing around Grade 4 pieces on the descant recorder at the moment and Grade 3 on the treble. Her cello teacher is working on Grade 3 pieces with her and Grade 4 scales. She will sit Grade 5 theory this term. She plays with the school band, the borough training orchestra and another Sat morning orchestra.

DS has also been playing the piano for 2.5 years and is currently working towards Grade 3. He started the viola in April this year and seems to be enjoying that so far. He also started the recorder in January but didn't last too long with that. He wasn't practising much between the lessons so saw his sister (who did practice) moving on to more interesting music whilst he wasn't progressing much and got a bit disheartened I think. He will sit Grade 4 theory this term.

My first degree was in music although I took a different path after that. I played the oboe and piano but very rusty on them both. I teach the DCs myself in piano and theory and DD on the recorder. They have proper teachers on the cello and viola as I am clueless about strings grin.

LooseAtTheSeams Tue 02-Oct-18 08:49:45

Once again, thanks to Waffle for these amazingly supportive threads!
I have DS1 who is now in sixth form and doing A level music among other things. He plays electric bass, guitar and drum kit. DS2 is in Y9 and plays cello, piano and guitar as well as reluctantly working on grade 5 theory. I don't think there are any exams this term.
I am still plodding away at my piano lessons but really need to work out how to juggle working full-time with practice!

Knittinganewme Tue 02-Oct-18 08:58:29

I hang around here to see what the youngsters grow into. It's been three years since the last exam and I can't say that I miss it at all. DS has moved off to higher education so I don't even get to moan about his practise schedule anymore. He's gone from being a reluctant practiser to booking a room three times a day (his tenancy agreement states he should make no noise audible outside his room so he's using practise rooms). Whether he keeps this up further into term remains to be seen, I think he will because he's now reached the stage where he's sitting alongside people who are better players than he is.

littleladsdad Tue 02-Oct-18 09:21:03

Thank you for getting us going again Waffle. My DS, 13, has just started at specialist music school and attends London JD on Saturdays. He's a full time boarder, which is taking some getting used to - for me, that is, as he is in his element! He plays Trumpet and Piano and is a member of the NCBBGB. He has an appointment for an NCO audition this month but haven't decided yet whether we'll go, as his focus seems to be elsewhere at the moment.

Now that I'm rattling around the house a bit, I'm looking to revive my own musical interests. This will mainly involve guitars, synthesisers, computers and growing my hair. smile

PetraDelphiki Tue 02-Oct-18 10:04:50

Hi all just checking in! Dd (11) plays violin, viola, cornet/trumpet/flugelhorn etc!

She has g6 trumpet in 2 weeks (aarrggg practice needed) then g6 violin at Easter. Can’t work out when to do g5 viola as she’s got a new teacher who still hasn’t phoned me to discuss (this is why I hate having teachers in school) plus she’s just choosing between 3 new violas all of which are 1/2 inch bigger...she was aiming for Xmas but who knows :-(

She’s going to see Folk’s Noo at procorda again which willbe cool!

hertsandessex Tue 02-Oct-18 10:25:19

Thanks for the thread and its contributors. I dip in and out sometimes going weeks without looking but fun to see what others are up to and share views and through this thread I've met a couple of very nice people in real life smile

I've got three music mad teenagers so life tends to revolve around music. DD is 17 playing violin to country orchestra level (thinking about taking diploma) and piano. DS is 15 at specialist school playing percussion, marimba, drums and piano. Always busy with his things which tend to dominate family life. Lots going on including final of national drum competition in a few weeks. DD 13 also busy taking piano grade 8 this term and playing a lot of saxophone around grade 6.

minisnowballs Tue 02-Oct-18 10:31:35

Well since you've all been so friendly.

DD2 (9) plays flute and cello - started flute two years ago and cello last year. She's taking G3 flute this autumn and preparing for G2 cello. Just started at CYM London on flute (we declined their kind offer for cello too, so she learns that at school). Leads the cellos in the primary school string ensemble - which she is super proud of - and is finding her groups at CYM quite challenging but exciting.

I also have an older DD (11) who is Grade 3 violin (after starting early and then taking a loooong break) - but is mainly dealing with the stresses that come with starting at our big local secondary girls school. I'm still packing her bags for her every morning (!) She's just started Chamber Orchestra at the local music centre, where she plays first violin (which has come as a surprise to all of us, but mainly her). She's just started the piano too, which is coming far more naturally to her - and is often found twiddling around on that of an evening. Suspect in the end it will be folk that draws her in- she plays awesomely by ear on both instruments.

I am NOT musical by any standards on this thread, but love to hear others playing. So thanks for answering my queries!

April2020mom Tue 02-Oct-18 10:44:45

Thank you for the new thread. We are considering investing in music lessons for the twins next year for the first time. I’m not sure what instrument they should take up. Piano sounds a good idea but I’m open to other suggestions. The instrument needs to be a portable one. Any recommendations appreciated thank you.
Quick question how do I find a good teacher?

April2020mom Tue 02-Oct-18 10:50:44

My daughter loves drama too. She just started her first ever drama lessons for preschool children locally as well. She definitely loves it. I take her usually.

PatricksViolin Tue 02-Oct-18 11:12:39

DS is still in bed today. sad

I can work at home today but not tomorrow. DH is away this week (for business this time!). If he is still unwell I have to leave him alone almost all day but I don't feel comfortable with the idea... Hmm.

Doubleup Tue 02-Oct-18 11:36:08

How did we arrive at the last quarter of the year already?! Thanks for the new thread Waffle.

We have DD1 (15) who plays oboe (Grade 7+) and alto sax on which she is doing Grade 7 this term. She’s a music scholar at her school and plays in the county youth orchestra and several ensembles at school and the local music centre. She’s finding it hard to balance everything this year with GCSEs on the horizon.

DD2 (11) has just started secondary as a music scholar. She plays bassoon (Grade7+) and has no plans for further exams at the moment, much to my relief! She plays classical guitar around Grade 3 and has just started piano lessons. She has done NCO for the last 3 years and is due to audition for U12s this month. She also plays in a number of ensembles at school and the music centre.

ealingwestmum Tue 02-Oct-18 13:23:29

Hello to all, old and new. Thank you waffle for keeping the community in order smile

DD (15) plays violin, piano and sings. Like many of with DC of this age, time is getting tighter as GCSE prep takes over. She wrestles with her spare minutes allocating them between music, other interests and lots of swimming. And now a more active social life...

Lotsofmilkonesugar Tue 02-Oct-18 14:11:54

Thanks for the new thread waffle and sorry to hear patricks DS is still poorly, hope he picks up soon. Another vote for the Chaminade concertino here too!
I have DD (13) who loves her flute and plays piccolo/piano as well. Going to audition for NCO at the end of the month, it will be her first ever audition (for anything!) so just hoping for helpful feedback and a not-too-scary experience! DS1(11) just started in year 7 and plays French horn, doing grade 4 this term ...he only switched from cornet in January and has done well. Younger two DSs are beginners on clarinet/piano and violin/piano.

Look forward to hearing everyone’s news this month 🙂

owlm Tue 02-Oct-18 14:13:38

Thanks for the thread Waffle.

I lost track of last months thread. Hopefully, I will keep up this month...which has come far too quickly.

Music wise DD 9yrs plays violin and piano. Piano is new to her, we are 4 lessons in. She plays in orchestra on a saturday morning. Much to my surprise she is loving this year. Last year she really struggled with sight reading and didn't enjoy going at all.

She is attempting NCO audition and sings in a choir, which she really enjoys.

Love hearing about all the talented DC's and musical parents playing their instruments. I learn so much from you all.

Floottoot Tue 02-Oct-18 14:26:53

Lots of milk, what audition pieces is your DD playing?

catkind Tue 02-Oct-18 14:52:51

Hi all - great to see some new and returning faces. Thanks waffle for keeping us going as ever.
My minis are DS, 9, grade 1 piano and beginner horn; and DD, 6, piano grade 1ish and violin grade 2ish (not taking exams yet). DD has recently joined a junior string group which she is loving.
I am a keen amateur violin/viola player, play in a couple of orchestras and assorted chamber music. I need to practice the piano more if I'm going to keep up with DD's accompaniments, got to grade 8 as a teen but very rusty indeed.

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