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June Music Thread

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Crazygirlmama Thu 31-May-18 22:12:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wobblywindows Thu 31-May-18 22:25:47

HI, I'm newbie and posting for my daughter, who's son 7yr was interested in drum lessons at school. She "registered" for lessons for him the Friday b4 Autumn half term, and got an email acknowledgement that said they would email when he had been allocated a teacher. Fast forward to March, and she suddenly gets an invoice for 2 terms @ £55. She's been unaware he started drum lessons because they take place at school, during school time, and she's had no email confirming that he started. Can you help - do you normally get an email confirming the start date for music lessons? We're very peeved they charged for the whole autumn term too, when she didn't apply til half term!

Trumpetboysmum Fri 01-Jun-18 06:42:49

Hi yes sometimes schools do forget to let you know or don't make the charges clear - happened to a couple of ds's school friends . Hopefully he's enjoying the drum lessons but I would speak to the school about the first half term . I know at ds's school they have private drum teachers and I think they charge per term but I don't think you should pay for lessons you haven't taken !!
Hi all I'm preparing myself for a very busy June with both dcs doing exams as well as shows school concerts and a performance recital at snape for Ds where predictably he has chosen to play a very exciting but really difficult piece - we will see how the session with the pianist goes tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to the practise in the run up to that - though in all fairness it sounds great . Ds will also be busy with his brass band and getting ready for a school music tour, oh and we're starting the major building works on our house . I think I need a holiday smile Fir today though I'm looking forward to seeing Ds after his week away and seeing his performance later - I think it's been quite an experimental week !!

Trufflethewuffle Fri 01-Jun-18 07:14:10

How come the child didn't talk about the lessons he had? Has he actually had any or is it an admin cock up?

folkmamma Fri 01-Jun-18 09:05:00

Thanks to Crazy & Waffle for new thread and to Trumpet for reminding me we are now in June!! 🙈

I have Noo (10), violin, piano and recent addition of viola. NCO Associate with SW and has just recently (over the last week!) auditioned for two JD's. She came out of yesterday's audition slightly disappointed with herself because she feels she didn't play so well. We should hear in the next few days. As for Saturday's audition, we are still waiting for the official notification but I do actually know the outcome and can't wait any longer to tell you all! She is going to be offered a place! Unbelievably pleased for her and very proud. Now, I just wish the official email would arrive as those who know me will appreciate I'm starting to get a bit paranoid 😂

We also have DD2 (8), cellist and pianist. Complex character with demand avoidance issues that make practice a nightmare, and more than a little shortage of confidence/self-esteem. In spite of the above, she is making good progress and is playing at around G3 on cello and G2 on piano. She also auditioned for entry level JD course yesterday but came out in tears after freezing on the sight reading (not the first time) and struggling with singing echoes. Her pieces sounded good from outside the door, but it's hard to read how it actually went because she is so hard on herself 😔.

This month we have G5 theory and will be stepping up G3 piano exam prep for Noo.

LooseAtTheSeams Fri 01-Jun-18 09:49:29

Thanks for the new thread! Lovely to hear everyone's news and hope you're all having a good half term. Ours is a bit overshadowed by GCSE exams!
Primary school drum lessons were always um, interesting, in my experience - including the term of the disappearing teacher, but you definitely shouldn't pay for a half term of no lessons.
Anyway, I have DS (16) who is embarking on a performance diploma in bass guitar and looking forward to a tour to Germany in July with the percussion group and the concert band.
DS2 (13) plays cello, working on G6 pieces and piano (G5). He is also grudgingly doing theory!
I started learning piano in middle age. I am thinking very tentatively about doing grade 5 in the autumn.

Trumpetboysmum Fri 01-Jun-18 10:29:43

Loose very exciting news re your piano exam !! I also have a 13 year old begrudgingly doing theory !!
Folk fantastic news about Noo! How exciting and well done to her !!

Kutik73 Fri 01-Jun-18 10:47:12

Hello wooblywindows! Similar things happened to us with clubs organised by school. I was charged for a club DS had never attended for instance. Of course I politely let them know it and they quickly cancelled the invoice.

starstarstar to folk's girls!!

Anyway, thanks for the new thread! I am a mum of a 10 years old boy who plays violin and piano, and occasionally messes around with a recorder.

We are holidaying in Cornwall this week so he is enjoying riding waves everyday. His father is a serious sportsman who played football pretty seriously in his youth (but persuaded by his dad to go to uni instead of pursuing the dream) and now takes part of triathlon, marathon and cycling races mainly in Europe/UK but is thinking to expand his territories to Far East/US. So naturally DS is very much a sportsman himself but obviously he had never beat his dad. HOWEVER, he found he is actually better than his dad at surfing. He is loving it and not missing any opportunity of bossing around his bossy dad! grin

We are coming back to London later today. DS has grade 8 violin exam in a week or so time so he'd better pick up violin and practise!!

LooseAtTheSeams Fri 01-Jun-18 10:53:16

Folk that's brilliant, well done to Noo!star
Trumpet thanks! I keep telling DS2 he'll be glad he did theory in the end. smile

MissyMew123 Fri 01-Jun-18 10:57:27

Hi, not been on for a while, but have been lurking. Poor DD (11) has two exams this month. G3 Piano and G4 Drums. Same thing happend last year! Managing her stress has been the hardest, she's more than a bit worried about Piano as she dosent think shes ready. To be honest, this would always be the case as shes a bit of a perfectionest. Good luck to everyone's DC whos are sitting exams this summer.

druidsong Fri 01-Jun-18 11:30:05

wobbly unacceptable. A 7 year old who is not turning up for lessons because he's hasn't been told to go should be fetched from classroom or parents should be informed. The drums teacher was just enjoying the paid free time. On the other hand, I do wonder why your DD didn't ask him how his drumming lessons were going, but not my business grin

Thanks for new thread crazy. Two more weeks to go for us Re GCSEs then Theory 6.
Very best of luck to everyone with exams.Missy we always tried to alternate. You may want to skip a grade at one of them and get them out of sync.

TaggieOHara Fri 01-Jun-18 11:34:46

Thanks for the thread crazy!

star for folk, noo and moll and lovely to be able to congratulate you all properly on the thread. I’m sure you will have your precious email soon smile

Lovely to hear everyone else’s news too! I’ll catch up later when I’m not on my phone

I am Mum to two DSes - DS1 (12) plays the piano nicely for his age but doesn’t like performance or exams

DS2 (10) plays the violin and piano and is a chorister. He is doing his grade 2 piano in a couple of weeks. Grade 5 theory has again been postponed, annoyingly. I will prep both boys for it myself over the summer!

MissyMew123 Fri 01-Jun-18 12:21:59

I am hoping with the move to senior school and changes in music teachers (this is also unsettling her) in September she can alternate any future exams. I suggested missing G4 Piano and moving on to G5 and taking her time. No idea if thats reasonable, but she was not that keen! Is the jump from G3 to G5 too big? As the exams are getting harder now, one at a time would be so much better. She's also starting Percussion lessons in September so I can see piano being dropped at some point.

druidsong Fri 01-Jun-18 13:55:44

missy we skipped g4 piano. Piano is going to be invaluable for tuned percussion. And for composing. Don't drop it too early. DS managed g8 for drums, percussion and piano. Not impossible flowers

raspberryrippleicecream Fri 01-Jun-18 14:03:33

Congratulations Folk, brilliant news for Noo.

I have DD (18) totally immersed in A levels but plays sax. School music is finished now but she will have a final music service concert in July. She hopes to find playing opportunities at uni, like DS1, who is totally immersed in extra-curricular music at is uni.

DS2 (15) plays trombone, piano and organ. Dabbles with euph. Ex chorister who now sings on the back row at the Cathedral. Extra-curricular school music also finished for him for the year, but plays in a variety of others outside school.

se22mother Fri 01-Jun-18 14:06:58

I have a 9 year old dd who plays violin, clarinet and sings. She has been focusing heavily on theory this term. She is away this week on a music course and I miss her. She started the week communicating well, however we have had radio silence since Monday.

raspberryrippleicecream Fri 01-Jun-18 14:08:45

Missy exams haven't figured hugely for DS1. He has done Grade 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7 on the piano, and should do G8 next term. He did G3 trombone at the same time as G4 piano, and hasn't done another exam, his trombone teacher teacher was really pleased with that decision. There was also a G4 clarinet exam at some point.

Older DC tended to do G5 and then G8 on their instruments. Partly because there was only one visit a year at school and it fitted better.

folkmamma Fri 01-Jun-18 17:26:17

It's been a pretty relaxed day here, chilling out post-audition. The girls decided to arrange the G3 piano piece 'Clowns' for violin and cello. They only needed a little bit of help from me! Their weekend project is to learn to play it, so I will post a video on the channel when they've mastered it. We downloaded a free program 'Crescendo' from the internet, it's really good! Quite straightforward for them to use and play around with (without the expense of Sibelius...).

I also took on the piles of music that have accumulated in the music room and am feeling mighty smug about my nice, orderly filing. Who want's to place a bet on how long it will last? 😂

catkind Fri 01-Jun-18 18:07:09

Hi all, I have DS (9) piano and as of 3 lessons horn! And DD (6) violin and piano, but currently more piano. Both doing music festival this month with various piano ensembles and solos. Of which DS/DD duet is proving politically difficult. They both think what they're playing is easy, and as a result aren't concentrating enough and make silly mistakes or rush. Any tips for getting them to take easy music seriously? (Or sillily would do, it should be a fun piece...)

Hi wobblywindows, that does sound very confusing. Has he definitely been having the lessons? I'm wondering if invoice could possibly be for spring and summer term and he didn't start till after Xmas. We're usually billed in advance for in school lessons. But very odd they haven't got in touch. Is he not supposed to practice at home? I'd be wanting to talk to the teacher and the music service asap to find out what's going on.

horseymum Fri 01-Jun-18 20:58:44

Hi all, June already! As we are in Scotland it is the headlong rush towards the end of term now. Ds 1 plays piano ( and even practices occasionally!) Dd2 does oboe and piano, DD 2 does piano and wants to start bassoon ( when an instrument drops out of the sky for us!) No exams just now thankfully but very proud that dd2's teacher suggested she try out for nyos juniors in the autumn ( I think it is like nco) it's from grade 5 level and she will only have been playing for a year so looking on it as a learning experience to maybe get in on subsequent years. Nice that he had confidence in her though! She also plays recorder at school and actually heard her playing at home recently and think playing oboe must help as she had improved loads! I play double bass in an amateur orchestra and love it but do not practice enough, dh plays piano ( very well when he can be bothered!)

horseymum Fri 01-Jun-18 21:00:16

Folk, we use musescore as free software, it has done everything I want so far and there are lots of arrangements available in that format too. Not as classy as Sibelius but does the job.

Curlyfrizzball Fri 01-Jun-18 21:12:10

Hi all

I don't post very often but I often read. I have a DD age 8 who has been doing piano for a few months and also loves to sing. She has just progressed to pieces where she is playing with both hands together all the time and now that they sound more interesting she is more motivated.

I also took up piano again at the same time (after playing other instruments and dabbling a little in piano when I was a teenager). Have always wanted to play and am enjoying it. However, I got talked into taking grade 1 and the exam is on June 11th. Eek!

TheThirdOfHerName Fri 01-Jun-18 21:18:52

I've been a bit absent on these threads recently and also have a minor name change, but hopefully a few of you will remember me.

DS2 has postponed Grade 8 clarinet until next term as he is in the middle of his GCSE exams. He has finally gained a place in the school orchestra and will be joining them on a tour to Germany after his exams.

DD is coping really well with her twin block braces and taking Grade 5 flute this term.

Paulweller11 Fri 01-Jun-18 21:42:09

I agree with druid @missy- keep piano, as a percussionist it’s very transferable, and great for teaching opportunities when thy are older. Plus apparently percussionists find piano quite easy to pick up anyway, possibly because of Xylophone, glock and vibes, and because they know both clefs from timps etc- so in short keep it.

Kutik73 Fri 01-Jun-18 21:43:11

Curly, DS's exam date is also 11th June. Good luck to you. smile

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