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Ibstock Master Dance programme - anyone know anything about it?

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FlumePlume Sat 06-Jan-18 13:40:49

My daughter's ballet teacher has suggested she audition for a gifted and talented ballet / dance programme, based at Ibstock Place House School. I've done some googling, but can't seem to find anything about it. So I wondered if anyone here had children involved and could tell me a bit about it?

dodobookends Sat 06-Jan-18 20:47:34

Is this to obtain a dance scholarship place at the academic school?

FlumePlume Sat 06-Jan-18 21:43:49

dodo No - it's a Saturday thing that takes place at the school, but isn't (as far as I know) linked to the school itself.

dodobookends Sun 07-Jan-18 00:41:22

No sorry, I know of quite a few associate programmes but not that one.. How old is your dd?

Perhaps her dance teacher might know more about it.

AlexanderHamilton Sun 07-Jan-18 00:51:17

The school have got Mary Goodhew listed as in charge of dance there. If she's got anything to do with this programme grab the opportunity!!!!!'n

FlumePlume Sun 07-Jan-18 10:44:49

dodo She's 10.

Alexander That's good to hear, thanks!

dodobookends Sun 07-Jan-18 11:28:04

Yes, having done a bit of Googling, I agree with Alexander

Coffee74 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:04:18

Yes, it's run by Mary Goodhew and is a fairly new associate programme, so may not be 'out there' yet. It's very good, as one might expect from someone like Mary and I would definitely recommend it! My dd has been doing it from the start and really enjoys it.

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