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Skater parents....DS2 wants to go to skate camp - WWYD?

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spiker Wed 01-Nov-17 20:29:35

Opinions and advice from skater parents in parents of skaters...or skaters who are parents...or skaters...

DS2 is in Y7, will be 12 in March, he is a mad keen skater. I was dead chuffed to find a skate camp where he could go for 5 days in the summer holidays and spend what looks like a fab week with like-minded kids, visiting skateparks, learning new tricks and watching a pro-skater or two. But...DH is worried that there will be weed smoking going on and 'twill it all be a terrible corrupting influence on DS2. Now I think DH has a point in that there is certainly that element to skate culture (maybe not the really serious skaters though? doesn't seem compatible to me), BUT I can't see how a company/charity could get away with running residential courses for under 16s whilst tolerating drug taking from either kids or staff, so on those grounds alone I think DS2 would be fine. Plus he is not a persuadable boy, knows his own mind and sticks to it.

So...has anybody else despatched their child to skate camp and how did it go? If you haven't, would you??

FATEdestiny Wed 01-Nov-17 20:38:41

I have a stunt scooter version of your son. I love the sound of this camp, where is it?

Most of the 'serious' skaters around us are really good kids. There are hangers-on who like to look cool hanging around the skate park. But those like my son (and those he learns from) just work hard in practicing and perfecting their tricks.

I love the camaraderie from the serious skaters (scooters in my son's case). They all support each other, try to teach each other. Everyone is happy to film each other's tricks and help each other. They aren't smoking types - weed or otherwise. They are a lot more clean-cut than that.

But those serious about it are in start contrast to the hangers-on. Those that doss around at the skate park and just mess around. They are the ones who smoke, drink, flirt, get into fights etc.

So while this is a culture I accept is associated with skaters and state parks, I don't think this would be the case with serious skates who just, you know, want to skate. I'd imagine that those who go on a skate camp would be the one more serious about actually skating.

spiker Wed 01-Nov-17 21:11:42

Thanks FateDestiny - these are my feelings exactly. I have precisely the same impression of the skaters, there's that clear divide between the slackers and the serious ones who are so supportive to each other - and who are surely the types who would want to go on a skate camp. DH has picked up on the same behaviours - it's not as if he thinks they are all dopeheads. Just a concerned Dad....

The camp I have found is called Camp Rubicon and it's in Birmingham. They do scooter camps too!

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