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Becoming a football mum?

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Gorgeous73 Mon 30-Oct-17 22:31:24

My son loves football. He recently joined a youth club, plays regularly, watches famous players all day long and tried to copy their style... you get the picture. His most valued possessions are his football shoes and kit grin Me on the other hand, I know literally nothing about football, except the obvious rules of the game. DH isn't into sports either.
But I (we) would love to be able to "speak football" with my son, and actually understand him when he describes a great move or something he's done that he's proud of. So my question is to those of you who are football mums, where do i start? Should I just learn the more intricate rules of the game? And how do I get involved to show him my support? Attend all the matches, be there with water and snacks? I know the answer might seem obvious but I've never been in the world of sports, so please just point me in the right direction grin

Gorgeous73 Tue 31-Oct-17 19:45:09

No football mums on MN?

TotallyWingingIt Tue 31-Oct-17 20:35:29

My number one bit of advice is to just watch him and be his biggest fan. Let him talk about it and teach you the ropes. He will feel he is teaching you something and it made my lads so happy for me to be involved and learn. I have 4 sons (3 that play football) i I didn’t know one rule, any positions or even any other teams in their league. I now don’t have any free weekends, one plays Saturday the others on a Sunday and I honestly love it. Get to know the other football mums, chances are they are in the same boat smile

Gorgeous73 Thu 02-Nov-17 00:03:00

Thanks TWI, that gives me hope and a place to start grin flowers

TotallyWingingIt Thu 02-Nov-17 19:04:43

Buy yourself some warm clothes, an umbrella and a thermos mug winkfootball

Susiesue61 Thu 02-Nov-17 19:26:34

Yep, thermals, a good coat (mine has fleecy pockets grin ) and a thick skin!
Mine all play, 12 years up to now!!
Enjoy it, I've made some good friends through football and cricket

BackforGood Thu 02-Nov-17 19:34:49

Yup. Get yourself some serious layers, boots and waterproof, then go to the games and ask other parents on the side - what was that for? Why did they do that? etc. Pick it up as you go along. Ask him about it afterwards if he can but probably won't remember particular bits. smile

Gorgeous73 Thu 02-Nov-17 19:53:32

Wow thank you all, I'm now looking forward to it all, and don't feel as hopeless :D

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